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Sept. 26, 2014
Opinons: -My new iPhone 6+ -3rd party keyboards -3 strikes you’re out, Apple Breaking News: -iOS 8.0.2 released -Shellshock for OS X -The FBI hates iOS 8 -Opening weekend iPhone 6 sales -Bendgazi/Bendgate -Balmer is an idiot Rumor Roundup: -Possible Yosemite release date -Is Apple killing Beats Music -New Mac Mini -New iPads Tip O’ the Week: -Family Sharing
Sept. 10, 2014
This week I'll be discussing: News Including: The iPhone 6 Event Apple Pay Apple Watch Stuff We Didn’t Get
Aug. 9, 2014
This week we discussed: Breaking News: -iPhone 6 Event -iOS 8 Beta 5 -OS X Yosemite -Beats Gets Some Apple Love -Legal Phone Unlocking -ABC News on Apple TV -Perfect Screen Caps -Apple Wireless Charging Patents -NFL Now -Apple Makes the Best Laptops & Tablets -Family Sharing -Sam Sung Charity Auction Rumor Roundup: -iPhone 6 -Is Siri Coming to the Mac? Tip O' The Week -Enable 2-Step Verification for Your Apple ID Questions & Answers: -APA Citations for iOS iOS & OS X App of the Week: -iOS, APA Citations -Carbon Copy Cloner Geek Sheik Accessory of the Week: -Motorola SBG6782-AC
July 31, 2014
News Including: MacBook Air Firmware Update iOS8 BETA 4 iPhone 6 Knock Off Apple TV Netfiix Update Kickstarter Magsafe for iPhone iCloud Encryption & The 4th Amendment Apple & IBM Electric Internet New Passbook Card Touch ID Trademark Woes Rumor Roundup: iPhone 6 Apple TV iWatch Is Jay Carney Coming to Apple? New MacBook Airs Siri & Watson Tip O' the Week: Bulk Delete iOS Photos
July 14, 2014
This episode we discussed Apple news including the App Stores 6th Birthday, NES on iOS, a New iMac, iOS 8 Beta 3, Adobe Stuff, and iTunes Keeps Growing. For the rumor roundup we highlight Haptic Feedback for iPhone 6, the A8 Processor, Sapphire Glass, and More iWatch Speculation. Finally, the Tip O' the Week. We hope you enjoy!
July 7, 2014
This episodes topics: -Bye, Bye Aperture -Back to School is Back -Siri’s Future -iWatch News -Minor iPod Touch 5th Generation Update -An Interesting, New iPad Case -Tip O’ the Week
June 27, 2014
Your immediate news from the Mac world. This week: iDevice Cables T-Mobile & iPhone iPhone & iWatch Rumors What's new in iOS * Beta 2 & Yosemite Beta 2 Enjoy!
June 21, 2014
Immediate news of everything Apple!
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