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Oct. 25, 2015 · transcript
Episode 86 is with Tara Stiles is the founder of Strala Yoga.  This interview was revived from the Yoga Peeps Archive, in honor of the Tara’s new cookbook, launching in just over a week’s time on November 3rd. Strala is a Swedish word, that means “to radiate light”.  Its also a system of practice which guides people through yoga posses and movement, focusing on tuning inward and encouraging flowing with ease. Thousands of Strala yoga guides are leading Strala classes around the world in partner studios, and gyms including Sports Club/LA and CMG.  Tara and her husband Mike, teach trainings around the world, and in their studio on 623 Broadway, in New York City. Tara also partners with W Hotels on FIT with Tara Stiles — a global program bringing Strala Yoga classes and healthy recipes to W properties. She is a collaborator with Reebok, working closely with the design team on their Reebok Yoga lifestyle range. She has authored several books including Slim Calm Sexy Yoga, Yoga Cures, Make Your Own Rules Diet, and her newest, Make Your Own Rules Diet Cookbook, out November 3rd. Tara supports The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, President Clinton’s initiative to combat childhood obesity, bringing Strala classes to 20,000+ participating schools. Visit Tara at www.tarastiles.com. ...
Sept. 16, 2011 · transcript
In Yoga Peeps Episode 85, Jennifer Wolfe, Doula and Prenatal Yoga Instructor, discusses her best selling prenatal dvd, poses for breech baby turning, and ones to avoid, to set intentions, finding where the intensity is in a pose or in pregnancy, exploring with consciousness, the fear/tension/pain cycle, how pleasure reaches the brain before pain, knowing what?s best for you based on how it feels, the idea of oneness nonseparateness that we are all connected, and to listen to your own inner teachings. Listen Here: YogaPeeps_JenniferWolfe_080110.mp3 Subscribe with iTunes Show Notes
July 21, 2010
In Episode 84, Clive Mayhew, the Founder of Yoga Aid, and Lara talk about the cultural differences of giving, Yoga Aid in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, US, Wanderlust in Tahoe in July, to raise money for Off the Mat into the World, how yoga has changed his life, and how making time for it changes everything, honesty, authenticity in your life, and how to enjoy life, by serving others. Listen Here: YogaPeeps_072110_CliveMayhew_YogaAid.mp3 Subscribe with iTunes Show Notes About Yoga Aid
June 10, 2010
In this episode, Michael and I talk about his desire to be for health instead of sickness, yoga connecting you to you, the best teachers connect you to you, how you tune into you, advice for teachers-Do a lot of yoga, tuning into yourself rather than tuning out, paying attention, to stop separating things into their parts, and instead see the whole – “eating the avocado”, music being a direct path in, a mood shaper, intellectualizing things can really stand in the way of actually experiencing them, when you can hear your own body it’s easier to take good care of yourself – yoga is a great tool for tuning in, the poses come from you when you’re ready, not from mimicking others, and lots more! Click the link below to listen and “tune in”. Listen to the Interview: YogaPeeps_MichaelTaylor_ 060910.mp3 Subscribe with iTunes Show Notes About Michael
May 22, 2010
In this episode Claire and Lara talk about Sufism, seeing people as love – all consuming love, the wonderful discipline involved in a daily yoga practice, Tantra, to intend, parenthood improving her teaching, the feeling state – the bhavanam, feel yoga instead of “doing it”, to find the authenticity in each one of us, the most important point of the practice is union with the divine, to stay inspired, refining Vinyasa Flow Yoga, her work for Yoga Journal, Shaktified Women’s Retreat, Satya, Santosha, Sdvayaya, Surrendering, her inspirations, her dvd and her writing. Listen to the Interview: YogaPeeps_ClaireMissingham_051710.mp3 Subscribe with iTunes Show Notes About Claire
May 9, 2010
In this episode Eoin and Lara talk about?Hammock Enlightment, Blissology – the art of being happy, balancing with the web of life, love as a force in the universe like gravity, his work with Lululemon and Olympic athletes, his new DVD The Pursuit of Happy Hips, as well as Everyday Yoga shot in Bali (coming soon), 200+hr Yoga Alliance Teacher’s Training on Vancouver Island, opening yourself up, getting into your natural environment, superflow – the practice of moving in ways that traditional yoga practice doesn’t allow, the chakra system, dealing with anger and conflict with Love, nature appreciation, seeing the light in people’s eyes, rating the prana in your food, gratitude, teaching in the US, and connection on Facebook. Hammock Enlightment, Blissology – the art of being happy, balancing with the web of life, love is a force in the universe, like gravity, his work with Lululemon and Olympic athletes, His new DVD The Pursuit of Happy Hips, Everyday Yoga shot in Bali, 200+hr Yoga Alliance Teacher’s Training on Vancouver Island, Opening yourself up, getting into your natural environment, superflow – moving in ways other than traditional yoga practice doesn’t allow, chakra system, dealing with anger and conflict with Love, ...
May 4, 2010
In this episode Dana and Lara talk about Thai Yoga Massage, being the Yoga Diva, a Reiki Master, her group Life Coaching online, starting where you are, being grateful for your experience, allowing your yoga to happen, challenge in Hanumasana, practicing detachment, ahimsa, Pranayama – to help and ease asthma, her message: the spiritual essense of yoga is you, to release judgements, and to seek the love and light in life. Listen to the Interview: YogaPeeps_DanaSmith-Rogers_050310.mp3 Subscribe with iTunes Shownotes About?Dana
April 24, 2010
In this episode Laura and Lara talk about Kundalini, Tarot, Archatypes of Universal Experience, The Flagstaff Yoga Festival, childcare at the festival, making the festival accessible for everyone, parenting as the deepest yoga you can do, filling your own cup first, finding your own path in yoga, bringing in all types and paths of yoga, handstand difficulties/benefits, waking up the endocrine system, open your eyes and really listen to the truth being revealed, how can I serve?, bones growing in spirals, and your own experience being the mightiest. Listen to the Interview: YogaPeeps_042110_LauraBrown.mp3 Subscribe with iTunes Shownotes About Flagstaff Yoga Festival
March 25, 2010
In this episode, Brian and Lara talk about www.yogavibes.com being the Netflix of Yoga, being a franchising partner for yoga teachers, vibrations that follow us everywhere, clearing your side of the street, finding your passion so you can share it and “Burn Brightly”, (Satya) Truth, Surrendering, and Pranayama. To listen click:YogaPeeps_032410_BrianRatte_YogaVibes.com_Interview Subscribe with iTunes ShowNotes About?YogaVibes
March 14, 2010
In this episode, Jane and Lara talk about Prenatal yoga, her new DVD, a time to slow down and atune with their bodies and the babies inside them, findng your passion, immediate relief for everyone, especially pregnant women, getting yoga access everywhere, letting go, softening, opening, birthing lessons applicable to mothering, silent meditation, creating sacredness in our lives, keep moving forward, and showing kindness and compassion to oneself. To listen click: YogaPeeps_031310_JaneAustinPrenatal_Interview Subscribe with iTunes ShowNotes About Jane

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