DreamViews Lucid Dreaming Podcast

By RareCola and OpheliaBlue

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Each week the hosts RareCola (Jason) and OpheliaBlue (Lisa) will be covering any and everything revolving around the world of lucid dreaming and the DreamViews Forum at www.dreamviews.com. Featuring round-table discussion between the hosts, as well as any guests that may show up!
In this podcast
Sept. 16, 2013
DVP QandA 15th September 2013. CanisLucidus is back with the next Question and Answer episode! We tackle questions on time in dreams, and more specifically time dilation, stabilisation and some common lucid dreaming mistakes!
Aug. 2, 2013
DVP QandA 1st August 2013. CanisLucidus is back with the next Question and Answer episode! We tackle questions on natural WBTBs, hypnagogic imagery, and what to do when the dreamworld turns against you.
June 22, 2013
DVP 21st June 2013! With a new way to record and fresh motivation, RareCola and OpheliaBlue are back! In this episode we talk about dry spells, how to come back to lucid dreaming after a break and how to keep having lucid dreams in a hectic life schedule.
June 20, 2013
DVP QandA 19th June 2013! CanisLucidus is putting his own spin on the podcast with this new Question and Answer format! In this first episode we talk about Dream Blindness, Teleportation and Light Sleepers.
Dec. 8, 2012
DVP Minisode 7th December 2012! We're back after a long break, lots of things got in our way but hopefully all are resolved and lots more episodes are coming soon! This episode covers the December Tasks of the Month and everything that's changed since we've been away.
Sept. 12, 2012
DVP Minisode 11th September 2012! Technical issues have continued and we've not been able to get a normal episode up for some time, but here's another minisode! This time covering the September Tasks of the Month, covering how to approach them as well as sharing some experiences. Hopefully we've inspired you to achieve them!
Sept. 7, 2012
DVP Minisode 6th September 2012! We've been having technical issues this week, and another arose when Lisa ended up sounding like an angel and we didn't realise until after recording. Sorry for the echo! We'll have it fixed for the larger podcasts (hopefully). In this first minisode we talk about going back to school and methods you can use to keep up with lucidity!
Aug. 25, 2012
DreamViews Podcast 24th August 2012 Episode! Unfortunately we had no luck with a guest this week, but we covered a lot revolving around WILDs and DEILDs, as well as dipping into our first questions from listeners! There's a lot of mis-information revolving around the wake-induced lucid dreaming method, and in this episode we do our best to clear this up!
Aug. 18, 2012
DreamViews Podcast 17th August 2012 Episode! This week We have our first special guest; Burke! He is especially attuned in the MILD technique, having over 100 lucid dreams mostly with this method. We also go into more detail on DILDs and everything you need to have your own dream-induced and mnemonic-induced lucid dreams.
Aug. 11, 2012
DreamViews Podcast 10th August 2012 Episode! This week we're continuing our coverage of the DV Forum with the Tasks of the Month and Year and sharing some experiences with the tasks!
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