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Firedog Studios is an audio recording facility located in Spotswood, NJ. Our podcast episodes
will display various studio tips and techniques. We will also highlight songs from our featured artists.
Aug. 22, 2010
Firedog Studios Music Tech series presents a microphone demonstration to showcase several examples of microphones on a single sound source. We used a Taylor 314 series acoustic guitar. The microphones are a Shure SM 57, Shure BG-4.0, Blue Dragonfly, Cascade Fat Head. Our signal chain was a Mackie Onyx preamp through a UA-1176 compressor into Pro tools HD. The demo is for students to review the sounds and discuss the differences they hear.
March 10, 2009
Firedog Studios Music Tech series presents an introduction to Instrument tracks with Pro Tools 8. A quick setup and review of creating the track, assigning the plug-in, and recording MIDI.
Dec. 1, 2008
Lindsay Katt was the Firedog Studios 2007 Sonicbids Contest winner and we finally coordinated time with her to come into the studio and claim her prize. This is the interview and song with video clips from her time with us at the studio. Check out for more details.
Sept. 25, 2008
Firedog Studios Music Tech series presents "Using Plug ins in the recording chain". We discuss and show you how you can use the Plug ins within the software to record audio. If you do not have outboard compressors or EQ you can utilize the software processors to record audio.
Sept. 25, 2008
Firedog Studios Music Tech series presents "Pro Tools Parallel processing". We discuss and show you how to create a wet/dry mix with Aux Tracks, Bussing, and Sends. This makes it easy to work with multi effects processors and saves CPU processing by consolidating instances of plug ins.
Aug. 20, 2008
Firedog Studios mic preamp discussion featuring a "competition" between the Neve 33114, Chandler Limited EMI Edition, and Universal Audio 610B. Each pre amp was used on male vocals and acoustic guitar. Signal chain was a Neumann TLM103,(preamp), Universal Audio 1176 compressor, Digidesign 192 I/O into Pro Tools HD. Commentary provided by engineers Kevin Booth and Tom DeStefano on the nuances of each unit.
July 9, 2008
Firedog Studios drum micing discussion on a session with client Brother Terry(Unknown Souldier). The session was for a song called "Pray for the Children" which Firedog's staff engineered and produced. The drummer is Ingo Marte ( ) and the song is at the end of this podcast.
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