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Feel Better Today: Your Inspiration Station

By Kyla Plaxton: Acupressurist, Intuitive, and Healer


Feel Better Today: Inspiration Station: Healing | Acupressure | Relationships | Motivation
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Acupressure can help you sleep

Today I'm am talking about a symptom that lots of people deal with, sleep. It could be a lack of sleep, always fatigued or tired. There are lots of different ways that people lose sleep and have a hard time sleeping. I want to talk about the impact that lack of sleep can have on somebody. Some people do well and others it's harder. Most people experience it. Before I had children, I used to sleep quite a bit. I enjoyed waking up early. I do morning stretching, meditation, breathing and journaling. After having children, I'd say one of the best gifts I've learned is how capable I am on lack of sleep! Key Take aways you will learn from this episode:   Sleep is great for losing weight. Every Meridian inside of an element has time. Lack of sleep can impact your bladder and your bladder can impact your kidneys. Resources: DIY Ultimate Acupressure Guide for Common Symptoms   Follow me on:   Release Acu-Nation Facebook Group Facebook Page Instagram Twitter
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