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Radio plays a part in all our lives. Enjoy here, some choice moments from the first hundred years of the medium in the UK. Grab a copy of my new book too 'Radio Moments: 50 years of radio - life on the inside'.
June 15, 2018
Few radio broadcasters enjoy succcess in two Continents.  A Londoner by birth, but a childhood move to Australia dictated his accent and his early media home. Jono Coleman rose from ad script-writing to local radio programmes - and then national TV before graduating through the Australian radio ranks. On his return to London, the disruptive BBC GLR beckoned before joining the ranks of Virgin 1215 at launch, where his mischievous tenure on the Russ ‘n’ Jono breakfast show is well-remembered. In this hour of #radiomoments ‘Conversations’, Jono tells of being replaced by Chris Evans at Virgin – and then by Jamie Theakston at Heart – before returning to the BBC’s local London station. He opens up about the circumstances of his return to Australia – and his radio and TV since. In his own words, this is the Jono Coleman story. Enjoy the whole Conversations series here. Theme music byLarry Bryant.
June 9, 2018
From a small town in Western Australia - to commanding the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show in the early ‘90s, this is the life story of an enviably adaptable broadcaster, best known for his years on LBC where his fresh approach was to surprise Londoners who remember him with affection. In this hour of #radiomoments Conversations, Brian Hayes tells of the ins and outs of his early days in 1950s Australian radio; his innocent arrival at London’s Victoria station with his wife and a suitcase; the early days at Michael Bukht’s Capital Radio; before finding his true home on LBC. Here, he quickly carved out a reputation for his judicious put-downs, not least by Private Eye, which dubbed him ‘Brian Bastard’. He tells of his falling out of LBC - and the surprise at being offered the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show, only to be displaced later by Terry Wogan. From GLR to 5 Live, Brian’s precise delivery and award-winning style have been heard on stations which attach importance to thinking speech for well over a generation. In his own words - this the Brian Hayes story. Enjoy the whole Conversations series here. Theme music by Larry Bryant
June 4, 2018
After 51 years, Nicholas Parsons missed an edition of Just a Minute on BBC Radio 4 on 4th June 2018. The BBC's Head of Radio Comedy assured listeners "the apocalypse is not upon us - Gyles Brandreth kindly stepped in to give Nicholas Parsons a couple of days off. NP is totally fine and is still the guvnor as per the last 50 years"
June 3, 2018
Few UK jocks at the top of their game would choose a trip across the World as their next gig. Christian O’Connell did – as he moved from over a decade on Absolute Radio breakfast to Gold 1043 in Melbourne, Australia – ‘Better Music and More of It’. He introduced himself well to his new audience and really sounded himself on his official debut show on 4th July 2018. Typically good story-telling – and the usual polished delivery of class lines from his enviably quick brain. Plus, he promised to call back every texter after the show. There were a few technical hiccoughs at the outset - which are always much more infuriating for the on-air talent than for the listeners. But they did give good cause for a flood of typical OC lines: “Half an hour on air and very little has gone right”. “Who can I complain to about my own show?”. Thankfully much that went awry was just after 6 am whilst Oz was just awakening; so let’s not worry unduly about the UK anoraks who were fully alert for it at 9 pm BST with their cassette machines poised. Great ‘getting to know you’ promos. Beautifully-read news and travel bulletins – including those live sponsor lines. And note the very short solo ads (which we used to do at LBC a decade ago too) - and the ad for a big erection. And relish Christian’s live ad for Shotton lifts - and the bed company one at the end: "More than just a bed - they're the experts -in sleep"! It was alive – and great fun to listen to. Good luck.
June 3, 2018
Reflecting on the relationship between the Monarchy and Windsor Castle - as registered by the key broadcast moments. Produced by me for BBC Radio Berkshire.
May 31, 2018
After over five years, the second longest spell to Moyles, Grimmers announced on 31st May 2018 that he was about to vacate the Radio 1 breakfast seat.   As has now become tradition for departing major names, the handover was handled like old friends preparing to move town. In this clip from the show that morning, Grimmers reveals his news and introduces his successor Greg James who was evidently moved: “I get to have a go at the most famous radio show in the world and I could not be happier”

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