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Sony Podcast -
By Troy 'The GamesMaster' & AV Dave
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Jan. 21, 2016
Still ironing out the bugs. My apologies for having the mic incredibly close to my mouth. This time next week we'll have it down to a T. Join us every FRIDAY for another WhatGear Podcast.
Jan. 7, 2016
Check it out! It's the Worlds 2nd ever WhatGear Podcast. This time around Cartoon Charlie joins the podcast. Listen in as we review Sony's big announcements from CES 2016. Also we discuss what's next in the world of gaming in 2016 and even more Star Wars mistakes banter. Sony Podcast RSS
Jan. 2, 2016
It's the WORLDS FIRST ever WhatGear Podcast with Troy AKA The GamesMaster and (Audio Video) AV Dave. After putting out poll to see if you should do a Podcast we received a unanimous YES. So here it is the WhatGear podcast! We could definitely use a few more likes on our FB page.www.FACEBOOK.COM/WHATGEAR