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Behind the scenes is a live Internet radio show and podcast dedicated to creators and artists. We have guests come on the air from all forms of entertainment to talk about their back stories and how they got started in their current profession. The guests range from major movie stars to youtubers and each offer a unique brand of advice.
BTS also offers new artists a place to show off their work and talent. All of the music that we play during our breaks is provided by original musicians looking for airplay.
More often than not, we like to feature aspiring models to sit in on the show for our Webcam audience. - For Information and WEBCAM
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Episodes published after March 7, 2018
May 16, 2018
Hollywood Talent Manager - Wendy Alane Wright Actress, Singer, Writer and Talent Manager Seen on: Law & Order (TV Series)  As the World Turns (TV Series)  The Lyndon Experience Guiding Light (TV Series) Family Matters (TV Series)  ER (TV Series)  Melrose Place (TV Series)  Party of Five (TV Series)  Chicago Hope (TV Series)  Guiding Light (TV Series)  The Drew Carey Show (TV Series) Wendy has also written several books and blogs. She has created an amazing Face book group called: TMFA
May 9, 2018 · transcript
Singer "Chaplin the Kid" sits in with the gang, Don't let your obstructions become your excuses. Plus the importance of Time Management
May 2, 2018
BTS - Chase Coleman sits in on the show. You know Chase from The Originals, Vampire Dairies, Boardwalk Empire and countless other series and films. Tune in Tuesday night at 9:30pm EST on
April 25, 2018
We dive deep into the mind of Matt Fasion (Stand Up Comic) to find out the TRUTH about stand up! Crazy YOUTUBE channels and NEW MUSIC from Chaplin the Kid
April 18, 2018
Michael Grim joins the show. Plus we talk about your picks for Best Movie Villian. EMVI was on MTV.... Whaaaaaaat?
April 4, 2018
Emvi's Birthday, Plus we have 2 Models joining the show. Cover Girl, DeeVee from VH1's DATING NAKED and Angelica Wayne.
March 28, 2018
We discussed ways to stay inspired during artist's block or slow times in the industry. It is important to stay positive, surround yourself with other artists, hone your craft, and find alone time during down times. James called in from LA with an update and some great advice.
March 28, 2018
We are discussing what successful people do to overcome roadblocks, how to stay inspired in the entertainment industry, and coming back from the winter slump. Our sponsor, X20 Vapes will be giving away some great products!
March 21, 2018
Tonight's Show features an interview with Photographer Joey Mas where I discuss my back story, plus Diane Cowern - The Physics Girl - Don't miss tonight's show - Text us at 262-563-9627
March 14, 2018
We are going to discuss copyright terms and what they REALLY mean and how they affect artists. Also: Wedding Nightmares!!!!! lol
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