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The Platformer Podcast focuses on the big stories in tech, media creation and gaming every week, with cogent analysis from Warren, Todd, and Chip!
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Dec. 7, 2012
We’re back! Again! It’s a short one this week, due to our hectic, go-go lifestyles, but we managed to cover the latest Apple news, discuss iTunes 11, and wonder if the reality distortion field has finally collapsed around Apple. Add that to mobile overtaking TV, Disney going to Netflix and various other technological shenanigans and you’ve got yourself a podcast! Tweet This Post
Nov. 2, 2012
Todd returneth! And not a moment too soon, as firings at Apple, Microsoft Surface and RT tablets, Windows 8 phones, Windows 8 desktops, and all manner of other tech nonsense crossed the conversational transom! Plus, Todd gives his thoughts on the recent spate of Apple announcements, and Chip admits to having played Star Wars Kinect….and liking it. Shocking! Tweet This Post
Oct. 25, 2012
We’re back! And it took an Apple event to pull us out of our break/hibernation/stupor. Warren and Chip break down what they think about the new iPad Mini, the new iMac, the new Mac Mini, the new iPad 4, and (deep breath) the new Macbook Pro. Phew! So much activity. Must lie down. Tweet This Post
Sept. 21, 2012
iOS6! Chip and Warren dissect the good, bad and just plain ugly in Apple’s newest OS for its mobile devices. Does it pass muster? Listen to find out! The boys also delve into Chip’s near insane quest to turn an HP TOuchpad into an Android device, movings and shakings in the web and media world, and the mainstreamification of 3D printers. Plus, Guild Wars, Black Mesa and more! Tweet This Post
Sept. 13, 2012
iPhone 5! Yes, the release of Apple’s new phone can only mean one thing…the return of Todd! Warren, Chip and Todd hash out what they thought was impressive, digressive and just plain meh about the new iPhone, as well as taking a cursory look at the new iPod Nanos and iPod Touch models. But that’s not all! There’s also a new iTunes, and the lads take a step back and try to figure out just where all this post-PC Apple/Amazon/Nokia/Microsoft..stuff is going. Tweet This Post
Sept. 7, 2012
Amazon! So many goodies from the world’s biggest bookseller, including new Kindle Fires, a front-lit e-ink device, and more! Nokia also announced some new, very shiny toys…but didn’t actually give a release date. And all this before September 12th, when Apple releases…something. Alright, who are we kidding, it’s almost certainly a new iPhone, and it may come with a streaming music service…or not. Also, what the hell is homestuck? Or Wikipad? Or Adobe Anywhere? Tune in and find out! Amazon! Nokia! Homestuck? iPhone 5! Wikipad! Adobe Anywhere! Tweet This Post
Aug. 24, 2012
TwitterFAIL! Also, Apple podcast fail, Amazon keynote on September 6th, possibly two Apple events, a new Facebook iOS app, and Dave McClure says VCs are A-Holes! But wait, there’s more! Microsoft has a new logo! SQUARES! All this and meandering talk about old MMOs, courtesy of Warren and Chip. Tweet This Post
Aug. 20, 2012
No audio available for this episode
Chelsea returns to the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire to interview David Repa from the Hackery, a unique computer repair and recycling shop that takes in your old computer hardware and lovingly restores it back to health. The Hackery is also something of a computer museum, with vintage Macs, Tandy 100s, Commodores, and even a neXT cube and teletype. To check out the Hackery’s services, go to Tweet This Post
Aug. 20, 2012
No audio available for this episode
In this episode of Platformer, Chelsea heads down to the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire to profile the Army of Evil Robots, a husband and wife duo who combine engineering, art and 3D printing to make fantastic creations. Special thanks to Laurel Brown for her camerawork on this episode. Tweet This Post
Aug. 14, 2012
Warren and Chip are back and discussing a tangle of legal back and forth between Apple and Samsung. THe lads also debate the failures and successes of NBC’s Olympic coverage and contempt for the internet, and hash out just what the hell Trapwire is, and whether or not internet douchebag Kim Dotcom had a “pirate doomsday weapon” (hint: he didn’t.) All this and Warren’s confession that he may start playing Dungeons and Dragons (on paper!) soon! Samsung revelations! Apple says it lost 2 million iOS sales to Samsung Kim Dotcom’s ‘doomsday’ device OMG Trapwire! Windows RT hardware partners announced Olympics media monolith wrap-up Tweet This Post
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