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comedy show about late stage capitalism fucking our lives up. acct run by @raaleh other cohosts are @HKesvani, @milo_edwards and friends / luxury communism now
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March 15, 2018
Alan White (@aljwhite) is the News Editor at Buzzfeed, and also the author of "Who Really Runs Britain?", an investigation of the private companies taking control of benefits, prisons, asylum, deportation, security, social care and the NHS. He joins Hussein (@HKesvani) and Riley (@raaleh) to talk about the toxicity of media culture and the conservative outrage factory first, before plunging into the pernicious nonsense that is PFI and Outsourcing. Riley gets mad about avocados again. Follow us on twitter @trashfuturepod
March 13, 2018
Tom Kibasi (@TomKibasi), who is the director the IPPR think tank during the week, joins us in a personal capacity over the weekend for a recording session. We talk about the two geniouses who re-wrote the Communist Manifesto because they got angry about being left out of class struggle (or something), we read our first ever Megan McCarticle, and then we break down the industrial strategy proposed by Tory MP Alan Mak, the Mak Attack. It's a big one folks! NOTE: Tom's audio is a little messed up from minute 40:00 to 49:00 - sorry as ever. Can someone who is actually good at this please reach out to me. xoxo Riley
March 9, 2018
Join Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Alex (@alexkealy), as we sit down with Jonn Elledge (@JonnElledge) - editor of the City Metric section at the New Statesman to talk about the roots of the housing crisis and why urban privatisation is categorially cruel and stupid. At least after we bloviate about politics for like 15 minutes.  Riley takes a bold stand against imperialism. Milo is accidentally knowledgable about classic leftist literature. Alex has a run in with Michael Gove. Jonn chornicles his journey left. Follow us @trashfuturepod xoxo Riley
March 5, 2018
It's time for the TRASHFUTURE accidental live show. Riley (@raaleh) and Hussein (@HKesvani) got up in front of a bewildered crowd with some old friends: Elena Cresci (@ElenaCresci) from TV, Luke Bailey (@ImBadAtLife) from the internet, and Jack Frayne-Reid (@coplandresident), scurrilous host of the disreputable Reel Politik Podcast (@reel_politcast). We do a product that nearly killed Len, we read yet another article from our favourite nu-metal edgelord Brednan O'Neill, and then we resurrected Cop or Comrade? for the digital age (spoiler they're all cops). Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us pay for the cost of the room, and shout out especially to @justafish, who was instrumental in helping cover the cost of the recording. We broke even! Follow us @trashfuturepod There will be more live episodes! Updates to come. xoxo Riley
March 1, 2018
Matt Christman (@cushbomb) from Chapo Trap House joins Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani) to talk about how our culture has fallen apart into nothing but a morass of aspirational references loop-de-looping into one another (with an honourable mention of the Rick and Morty hell-sauce), and then go through how to be a Luddite in the 21st century. We also get into some podcast insider chat, as we learn what happens when you cross Chapo and Pod Save America. Follow us on twitter @trashfuturepod love you all xoxo Riley
Feb. 26, 2018
Riley's vacation sure did put a dent in the release schedule. But we're back! Abi's back! Baby's got back! Whatever. Riley (@Raaleh), Olga (@Rocknrolga), Abi (@AbiWilks), Milo (@Milo_Edwards) are joined by Luke Bailey (@ImBadAtLife) subbing in for Hussein (@HKesvani) and Emily Hines (@IHateNYT) to talk about the Corbyn commie smears (this was recorded pre Ben Bradley apology) at some length in the first half, and then Emily comes on in the second to help us rubbish the United States Paper of Record (record shortest accidental hiring of someone with connections to white supremacist groups, to be specific). There's a lot in this one, so I hope the wait was worth it. Follow us on twitter @trashfuturepod xoxo Riley
Feb. 20, 2018
Content note: sexual assault Riley (@raaleh) and Niamh (@Niamh_Mcintyre) sit down to re-hash the conversation from the original President's Club episode that got eaten by audio goblins. Specifically, we talk about Niamh's Vice article on sexual harrassment in the service economy. We go into why events like this are a hydra, and without robust labour protections given to casualised service workers to cauterise the wounds, will continue to spring up. Full episode later this week now that Riley's back from holiday! xoxo
Feb. 15, 2018
It's a TRASHFUTURE half-i-sode spooktacular. Journalist Owen Jones (@OwenJones84) comes through the bougie hackney flat to join Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), Milo (@Milo_Edwards) and Reel Politik's Laura (@thisgeordielass) filling in, to shoot the shit and talk about Theresa May's weird "defeat socialism" speech. Follow our dumb asses on twitter @trashfuturepod Buy Riley a tracksuit (it's his pinned tweet) xoxo Riley
Feb. 12, 2018
This week Riley (@Raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Olga (@rocknrolga), belatedly joined by Milo (@Milo_Edwards) sit down with Nate Bethea (@inthesedeserts) from the leftist troopcast, What A Hell of a Way to Die (@HellOfAWay) to talk all about the incredibly stupid ways in which the military uses technology - from the Strava fitness tracking app doing radical praxis by doxxing US military facilities around the world and tech-f*cking procurement nonsense. We then read a fawning article by the Adam Smith Institute's perennial trash thinker Dr. Madsen Pirie about Elon Musk's dumb space launch. Riley has another anger short curcuit. Follow us on @trashfuturepod
Feb. 6, 2018
Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) calling from inside a car in Utah, sit down with Ash Sarkar (@AyoCaesar), senior editor at Novara and Wiley biographer to talk about the history of and political bent of Grime off the back of Ash's run in with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. Then, in an uncharacteristic move, the second half explores some more sincere topics rather than piss stained irony, with Ash turning it around and asking us about being a Muslim on the left (well, mainly Hussein) and the broader political purpose of irony, and the role of persuasive language. It was a really interesting, and often reflexive conversation I enjoyed having. Anyway, follow us on Twitter - @trashfuturepod Thanks to Jinsang for our theme song, Herewego, available on Spotify If you want to bump Afrobashment like Ash, check out the link here to Yo Darlin by NSG feat. Geko: xoxo Riley