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comedy show about late stage capitalism fucking our lives up. acct run by @raaleh other cohosts are @HKesvani, @milo_edwards and friends / luxury communism now
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June 18, 2018
Trashfuture decided to take on the concept of Juche this week. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Olga (@rocknrolga) host VICE and BBC journalist Jake Warren (@TheJakeWarren), who gives his take on Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s recent get-together in Singapore, why it offended so many American liberals to see the American flag next to the North Korean one, and what North Korea is like on the inside (to include its only legal gambling spot). Hussein (@HKesvani) was out on deadline for this episode. He’s a ‘real reporter’ with ‘a career.’ You can commodify your dissent with a t-shirt from, and if you don’t, you’ll disappoint us all. Nate (@inthesedeserts) produced this and is slowly but doggedly getting the boys to turn up their microphone levels whilst recording.  
June 12, 2018
This week, a slightly-not-quite classic Trashfuture crew of Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) got together in the Caliphate of Tower Hamlets to speak with Felix Biederman (@ByYourLogic) about how America and Britian see and use one another. In addition to exploring the political purpose horror stories of Britain serve for America, we also talk culture, Brexit, and of course horny intellectual conservatives. Also a lot about Love Island. The FSB detained Milo (@Milo_Edwards) after he tried to land an ‘in Soviet Russia’ joke without realising Sergei Lavrov was in the audience. We hope he’s repatriated alive. You can commodify your dissent with a t-shirt from and help our mate build t-shirt baby socialism. Peter Stringfellow’s sensual, erotic obituary is available here:  
June 7, 2018
This week, the original TF crew of Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) speaks to the Guardian's Jonathan Shainin (@jonathanshainin) on the topic of Niall Ferguson's Bond villain antics, the Evening Standard's recent sale of itself to the app lords, and a robust debate on whether or not free speech is an absolute and abstract thing. Nate (@inthesedeserts) smuggled himself into the Sharia no-go zone of Tower Hamlets to guest on this episode, after which 'Viley' confined him to his flat and forced him to edit this on his extremely unclean laptop. We will only respect people who commodify their dissent with a t-shirt from Please keep the Saracen Guards of Bethnal Green in your thoughts, as invaribly they're really hungry enforcing Sharia while fasting.
June 4, 2018
This week, Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@milo_edwards) are back in the studio in the Caliphate of Tower Hamlets recapping centrist and extremist idiots' absolute dumbest takes on the Irish referendum results. They cover Christian ISIS, Classical Athenian democracy, and a lot of busting jokes. The gang also discusses Tommy Robinson’s recent legal issues, what sort of business literature is worth reading, and -- as always -- the ontology of soup and sauce. We live in neoliberalism and politics is over. Your only option to express dissent is to buy a shirt at Nate (@inthesedeserts) produced this episode slowly, deliberately, and with an ear towards avoiding a libel charge.
June 1, 2018
It's that time again. Riley (@raaleh) grabbed a book, grabbed a mic, and opened up People of the Abyss, a 1903 book by American travel writer Jack London, about his experiences living in East London in that time. His observations on poverty, housing, inequality, capitalism, and imperialism are basically all analagous today. Enjoy! Also follow us on @trashfuturepod.
May 29, 2018
This week, Riley (@raaleh) and Milo (@milo_edwards) host journalist and music enthusiast Dan Hancox (@danhancox) to discuss his new book ‘Inner City Pressure: the Story of Grime.’ After a loving review of Elon Musk’s one-for-the-history-books Meltdown May, the team converses on the history (and rebirth) of grime, pirate radio, gentrification, ASBOs, Form 696, Matt Hancock, and the classic Tory oscillation between criminalising youth culture and profiting massively from it. Hussein (@HKesvani) couldn’t make it, as he’s on deadline for a piece about Conservative-voting men who are tattooing images of ham on their faces to own the libs. It will be forthcoming soon, and he will of course return. You can (and should) purchase Dan’s book here, preferably from a high street bookstore and not from The Steroid Book Man himself: Riley finally remembered to read the shout-outs. Remember, you can always commodify your dissent with a t-shirt from Lil’ Comrade. In fact, you’d better: Nate (@inthesedeserts) produced this episode with Adobe Audition and a particularly American kind of patriotic fervour that comes only from wearing flag-themed Rick and Morty t-shirts.
May 24, 2018
This is a slightly more condensed episode in which the TF crew discusses an idiotic Sunday Times piece about 'hipster fascists,' but more importantly it's an episode centred on the campaign in Ireland to repeal the 8th Amendment. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani) speak with journalist Sirin Kale (@thedalstonyears) about Irish abortion laws, the impending referendum, and whether or not the uniforms of the royal wedding were inspired by Steven Seagal. If you're in Ireland and can vote, make sure to do so — unless you're going to vote incorrectly, in which case you should bin yourself immediately. Please remember that, in these trying and dark times, you can always commodify your dissent with a t-shirt from Lil' Comrade ( Please help us support a fellow socialist's small business! We'll pause for a minute as a thousand buttery dads emerge to say, "Ah, but aren't you participating in capitalism by exchanging goods for currency?" Nate (@inthesedeserts) produced this from a British politics exclave in sunny Brooklyn, New York, where everyone is in fact walkin' here.
May 21, 2018
The Trashfuture crew welcomes back Milo (@milo_edwards), who managed to escape his FSB handlers and return to London unscathed. He and Riley (@raaleh) are joined by think-tank researcher Grace Blakely (@graceblakeley) to discuss the Sunday Times's 2018 Rich List and the implications of its members' rent-seeking behaviour for austerity Britain. They also got more than a little sloshed on wine, so you'll have to forgive the, uh, strident moments. They also discuss the topic on everyone's minds: why we both want to abolish the monarchy and also understand that this country defines itself by paying a small, inbred group millions of pounds for what amounts to an extended and elaborate bout of fancy dress. Hussein (@HKesvani) was unable to attend as he was on assignment reporting on the secret Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments of Raqqa, but he'll be back soon. Riley forgot to give the t-shirt shoutouts yet again, but that shouldn't stop you from commodifying your dissent with a t-shirt from Please support our comrade's business! Nate (@inthesedeserts) received this episode as a 102-minute raw-footage segment and edited it down to 61 minutes. He's going to need years of therapy as a result.
May 18, 2018
This week, the full TF crew of Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@milo_edwards) speak with satirist and urbanist Karl Sharro (@karlremarks) about the backwards Western proclivity for conspiracy theories, their fondness for strongman rule, and why he sees a vibrant future for Occidentalist thinkpieces that cite one sole apocryphal London cab driver. Karl's presence in the room raised the aggregate IQ for the Trashfuture franchise to an inordinate extent, despite our valiant, Dunkirk-like efforts to dumb it down. We also hear a profound apology from Hussein, who unleashed a salted meat euphemism on British politics and watched in horror as it echoed villainously through some of the worst publications in this country. Hussein: we forgive you, but God might not. As always, you can commodify your dissent with a t-shirt from If you buy a custom text shirt, Riley *might* remember to give your custom text a shout-out. Nate (@inthesedeserts) produced this episode from Brooklyn, or (as it's better known throughout the world), "the Hackney of New York."
May 13, 2018
It's this week's TF for ya! Marcus Barnett (@reformedmuscle) came by to talk to Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@hkesvani) and Milo (@milo_edwards) about local elections, the psycho sexual mania of failure obsessed liberal pundits, and the future of the Labour party sans melts. While Marcus visits us in an entirely personal capacity, in his spare time he is Young Labour's International Officer. Ably produced by Nate (@inthesedeserts). Vote for us in this dumb thing: Commodify ur dissent w a shirt from Get a fun custom text and we'll shout em out on the show. In fact Riley's a whore for attention he'll probably just shout you out regardless. xoxo

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