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May 31, 2014
In this episode, Steve and Craig are joined by Mike Lee from Appsterdam Foundation to talk about moving to Amsterdam, Patent Extortion and Product Engineering. This podcast was recorded during YOW 2011 in Brisbane. A big thank you  to Rob Dawson for suggesting to us at YOW that we interview Mike - this was one of the most interesting and funny interviews we have done so far. Download LinksMP3M4AOgg VorbisQuotesWhat makes a good speaker also makes a good teacherWhen you hear there's a guy dressed like a mariachi  .... that you have to see!When I saw magnetic smart covers I thought "Maybe my mom would like my old Ipad"Amsterdam is like a cross between Epcot Center and Burning ManLinksMike on TwitterMike's BlogMike in his Mariachi suit (with band!)Appsterdam (and Twitter)Apple weekly WednesdaysWWDCPatent TrollingExtortionAppsterdam Legal foundationLodsys - patent extortionistVideo of opening of the Lodsys packet (Operation Anthill)Article 1Shell CompaniesUS 25% of software purchasing marketUS Patent system bonedDelaware and Nevada LLC shell companies$100 and 10 mins to setup a shell companyRuby on Rails / Iphone comboADHDMany doubt the existence of ADHDMariachiMaking apps that don't suckSiriGarage Band - Accelerometer PianoiPhone and iPad Christmas CarolSpeed to cool - Craig SmithUtility KiltDecline of the USJacob ApplebaumAnti-IntellectualismEpcot CenterBurning ManAmsterdamAppsterdam Embassy ProgramAppsterdam DelftAppsterdam WarsawAppsterdam Meetup
March 6, 2014
In this episode, Steve and Craig get together and talk about some of the things that have been happening in the months that they haven't been recording. Download Links MP3M4AOgg VorbisLinksSpecification by Example - Gojko AdzicCucumberConcordioneasybJBehaveOctopressContinuous DeliverygithubCloudBeesherokuSeven Databases In Seven WeeksPostgreSQLMongoDBCouchDBHBaseRedisRiakNeo4JOracleInformixmemcachedpuppetchefRichard StallmanThe Innovators DilemmaThe Seven Day Weekend
March 6, 2014
In this episode, Craig recorded a special mashup episode with fellow podcasters Craig Smith from The Agile Revolution and Mark Derricutt from Illegal Argument. Special thanks to Mark for hosting and recording this episode whilst the two Craigs were in Auckland, New Zealand. Download Links MP3M4AOgg VorbisLinksAgile AcademyBuilding Quality InProject JigsawJava's historyContinuous DeliveryCowboy codingExtreme ProgrammingKanbanScrumDevOpsClean Code by "Uncle Bob" MartingithubStackOverflowgerritCourseraRise of software apprenticeshipPay it forwardCode reviewsRelease early, release oftenOffice SpacePair programmingTest Driven DevelopmentGitWhat does Monad mean?CitconClojureDave Thomas - Mature legacy seeking sexy new technology for fun and profitCode archeologyThe Two Ronnies
Aug. 15, 2013
   In this podcast, Steve is joined by Paul O'Keeffe for a short interview with Ron Bodkin on Big Data. This podcast was recorded at Yow! 2012 (very impromptu!) right after Ron's talk. Download Links MP3M4AOgg VorbisLinksRon on Twitter
Aug. 15, 2013
   Our final interview from Yow! 2012. Andrew Newman and an extremely excited Steve interview John-Henry Harris from Lego on Lego, design, AFOLs, software engineering and lots more. Marko Rodriguez the Graph Databases guru joined us for good measure. Much fun was had - hope you can keep up! Download Links MP3M4AOgg VorbisLinksMarko on Twitter
Aug. 15, 2013
  In this episode Steve is joined by Renee Troughton from the Agile Revolution Podcast at YOW! 2012 talking to Fred George from Forward on Programmer Anarchy Download Links MP3M4AOgg VorbisLinksFred on TwitterForwardRenee on Twitter
April 29, 2013
In this episode, Steve talks to Ricky Ng-Adam from XinCheJian & Axel Quack from Gasmotorenfabrik & Ding Fabrik about Hackerspaces. This talk was recorded during XinCheJian open night in May 2012. Our apologies for taking so long in getting it out - Steve never got to do the Hackerspaces around the world series, but maybe publishing this might get him back onto it! Download Links MP3M4AOgg VorbisLinks XinCheJian - Hackerspace in Shanghai, ChinaDingFabrik, Köln - Fablab in Cologne, GermanyGasmotorenfabrik - Coworking Space in Cologne, GermanyRicky on Google PlusAxel on TwitterGold Coast TechSpaceList of HackerspacesChaos Computer ClubChaos Communication CongressHackerspaceLophiloThingiverseOpen Source ArchitectureBamboo Tent used by Cologne Coworking space when they first started (slide 13 onwards)Green SchoolChinese HackerspacesHackerspace PassportMakercampsMaker FaireMaker Fair Melbourne
April 29, 2013
In this episode, Steve, Craig & Craig Smith are joined by the "Queen of Retrospectives" Linda Rising to talk about cognitive science, training your brain, Agile and lots more. This podcast was recorded during YOW 2011 in Brisbane. Download Links MP3M4AOgg VorbisQuotes"So you at 35 or you at 40 are just beginning. Don't let anyone tell you that you are too old to learn, too old to go back to school,  get that degree or do whatever it is you want to do. Never feel you have invested a certain amount in any setting so that you can't change that. That will not be wasted and you should not be afraid, you should go forward.... fearless." LinksLinda Rising's websiteBuyer's Remorse - Washing of HandsAgile 2011 (Salt Lake City) keynoteLinda Rising on Collaboration, Bonobos and The BrainBonobosLinda Rising: Prejudices Can Alter Team WorkDeception and Estimation: How We Fool OurselvesCognitive ScienceMRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)CT Scans (X-ray Computed Tomography)Dan Areily - Predictably Irrational TED talkBehavioral EconomicsThe Agile Manifesto 10th Anniversary ReunionGrady BoochXPScrumAlistair CockburnCrystalDaily StandupsPair ProgrammingLeanContinuous DeliveryContinuous DesignSteve Denning - Customer DelightDan PinkJames Surowiecki - Wisdom of the Crowd Nigel Dalton - 6 decades of AgileBoeing 777Cabinet War RoomsDesign PatternFearless ChangeBrian MarickInfluence StrategiesSocial PsychologyRobert CialdiniSocial ProofRelated PodcastsThe Agile Revolution (Craig Smith is co-host on this one)The Brain Science PodcastOffice Hours (Dan Pink)Thanks to Craig Smith for joining us - Craig's intelligent questions were a good balance to Steve's :-)
Jan. 19, 2012
In this episode, Steve and Craig are joined by software luminary, Dave Thomas, from Bedarra Research Labs. Amongst many other things, Dave is the person responsible for bringing the YOW! Conference to Australia.Download LinksMP3M4AOgg VorbisLinksYOW! ConferenceQUT (Queensland University of Technology)UQ (University of Queensland)AtlassianSpringSourceErik MeijerGoogle DartGoogle StrongtalkCameron PurdySimon Peyton JonesJohn HughesSoftware as a ServiceAslak HellesoyCucumberTony MorrisBarcamp QueenslandSecond LifeUncle Bob MartinPatrick LinskeyRails CampThoughtWorksOJ ReevesErlang Factory Lite in BrisbaneCCR (Microsoft Robotics)Erlang OTPLinda RisingTom and Mary PoppendieckRebecca Wirfs-BrockEric Evans
Jan. 5, 2012
In this episode, Steve and Craig are joined by Michael Neale from Cloudbees to talk about Cloud, polyglot programming and much more! This podcast was recorded during Open Source Developers Conference 2011 at the Australian National University, Canberra . Download LinksMP3M4AOgg VorbisLinksMichael's Blog and TwitterCloud Bees (and Twitter)Google AppEngine Jenkins and CloudBees Deployer PluginGrails and CloudBees pluginCloudFoundryDroolsRedhatErlangRabbitMQZendeskHudson move to Eclipse and logo is Microsoft clipartEclipse FoundationControversy over Master/Slave terminologyGit SubversionOpenstackBigDataErgon Energy and the CloudSolution looking for a problemDSL for HadoopAmazon Hadoop - Elastic Map ReduceLuceneElastic SearchPolyglot ProgrammingThe idea of playing golfIllegal Argument PodcastNinefoldNetflixAmazon WebservicesAmazon Cloudfront Content Delivery NetworkCloudfoundry LiteRedisPlatform as a ServiceOprah Winfrey effectSlashdot effect
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