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Sherpa station is a Destiny Community podcast brought to you by a group of gamers focused on teaching endgame content to the masses. We will be talking about Destiny News and upcoming events along with tips for Crucible and raid content. This is a biweekly podcast produced by members of the DestinySherpa and Crucible Sherpa reddit communities.
2 episodes · since Feb, 2016
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March 2, 2016
For our second episode we talk about some of our amazing sherpa encounters, we go over the trials map BannerFall, talk about the ton of news Bungie dropped on us this week /s and we talk about our first event- Golgoroth Challenge Marathon. There may or may not be some good outtakes at the end.
Feb. 15, 2016
For our first episode we talk about who/what we are. We talk about destiny news and updates, give you tips for the upcoming Oryx Challenge and tips for trials map “Rusted Lands”. We are also joined by special guest Tenebrae while we chat about Crimson Doubles.
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