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Started in 2014, EYE Chart Radio was set up as a vehicle to discuss Apple news and news related to Apple news as well as to promote the iOS Newsstand publication "EYE Chart Magazine." The magazine is no more, but EYE Chart Radio lives on!
The show now has a six-week co-host rotation. Each week, long-time podcaster Mike LaPlante engages one of his regular five co-hosts on topics surrounding Apple and Apple-related tech news of the week. Once during the six-week rotation, Mike brings in a special guest to mix things up a bit...as if things were mixed up enough already.
April 7, 2018
This week's episode marks the end of an era. In podcasting terms, that's three or four years. It has been a ton of fun being on this show with Ken and when I took the reins at the beginning of 2017. I was very fortunate to work with a bunch of great co-hosts; Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Adam Christianson, BigJD, Richard Gunther, Mark Fuccio, Barry Fulk, Kelly Guimont and Allison Sheridan. On this episode Ken Ray and I talk about the history of the show and look forward with a conversation about what we're looking forward to seeing. Most of all, I would like to thank all the folks who've been listening since the beginning as well as even one-time listeners. Please head over to my Patreon page and give a one-time payment of any amount. It'll help offset the costs of my next creative endeavor....I'd appreciate it very much. See ya soon! Au revoir, Mike
March 31, 2018
This week, from MacVoices, we have Chuck Joiner on the show. We discuss many of Tim's quotes from the past week of being at the China Development Conference and from a show to be aired on April 6 on MSNBC at 5:00 PM EDT. We also talk about the education event that took place this past week in Chicago and how Apple has laid there cards on the table concerning what they have to offer the education sector. Here's the link that Chuck wanted you all to check out: http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/watch/tim-cook-slams-facebook-s-zuckerberg-i-wouldn-t-be-in-this-situation-1197130819683
March 24, 2018
This week on the show we have Adam Christianson from the MacCast Podcast. Adam and Mike discuss Apple's increasing permits for autonomous vehicles it tests in the state of California.  We also talk about Apple developing their own displays using microLED technology and the challenges that manufacturing these displays brings. Speaking of challenges, TrueDepth was a challenge for Apple to bring to market, but yet it succeeding in doing so; what advantages does this give Apple? A bug in Siri allows others to access your messages from third-party messaging apps if your notification settings are configured properly and Apple gets in hot water with Amnesty International. All that and so much more. Enjoy!
March 17, 2018
This week we have Kelly Guimont joining me on the show. We talk about Apple's March event, survey says again, Siri was the result of all the bad things about corporate America and how we'd rather have some Black Keys in our house and not the GreyKey device that can bust into our iPhones. All that, and so much more. Enjoy.  
March 10, 2018
My good friend, BigJD joins us on this week's show. We talk about Net Neutrality, why folks aren't upgrading to iPhone X, a new patent out of Apple and Axl Rose doesn't appear to be a fan of Tim Cook. All that, and so much more. Enjoy.  
March 3, 2018
This week we have David Ginsburg on the show. We discuss smartphone upgrade cycles, Consumer Reports on iPhone X, Cellebrite and Warren Buffet, the flip phone king. All that, and so much more. Enjoy!  
Feb. 24, 2018
This week we have Chuck Joiner from the MacVoices Podcast. We discuss Apple being on the top of FastCompany's Most Innovative Companies List and the coinciding interview that went along with that distinction. We also talk about Apple wanting to be in a bit more control over the metal that is necessary to make the batteries that make their devices run; cobalt. Also, High Sierra is playing nice with sparsebundles in APFS. All that, and so much more. Enjoy!  
Feb. 17, 2018
Sorry about the lack of a show this week. A kitchen renovation got the best of my time this week. We'll see y'all next week.  
Feb. 10, 2018
This week we have The MacCast's Adam Christianson on the show. Adam and I discuss the release of Apple's HomePod, the "biggest leak in history", the reason behind the pulling of the Telegram app, Phone app not launching on iPhone X and Bryan Fuller has artistic differences. All that, and so much more. Enjoy!
Feb. 3, 2018
This week we try to keep Ken Ray restrained as he feels himself driven close to insanity by new surrounding Apple and it's first quarter 2018 (Q1 2018) earnings call. We try to figure out what a 'value' stock is, what exactly is stagnated growth and is Laugh In anything at all like Hee Haw? All that, and so much more. Enjoy!
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