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My Top Takeaways from Agent Reboot Chicago

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The last couple of weeks have been very frustrating for me. I had a great September with 3 transactions. One of the reasons, I got back into real estate was I felt many local agents were not doing what I thought they could be doing to sell homes. They were not utilizing the plethora of tools to market and sell real estate. However, I got into a bit of a funk. A technological funk, and I hated it. I really felt out of sorts. I am still getting leads from my online sources, but still I felt like I was missing something or not doing enough. I really needed a good swift kick in the pants, and I got it. I shot up to Rosemont for Agent Reboot. I had attended everyone that had come to Chicago(3 in all), and every year I had come away with a new idea or tool that I could use to get more leads.     This year, I went more for the “reboot”. I got what I needed and the bonus was I got to connect and reconnect with some old and new online friends. Sadly, over the last few days I have not been able to put into action all the ideas I picked but I will. I have already started working on my 2014 Business Plan. It is more of the same, but with a whole lot more thrown in. From action plans to new marketing techniques and focusing on some “FARMS”. I am really looking forward to my 2014, and so without further ado. My Top 10 Takeaways from Agent Reboot Chicago 10. When doing a video have energy in my voice 9. Have a process 8. Have a clear and concise Value Proposition 7. Create a Buyers Consultation 6. You must be Mobile 5. Get more Reviews 4. We need to listen to our Clients 3. Internet leads have a half-life of seconds 2. Go to more events or attend more webinars 1. Be Consistently Consistent   2.
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