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The Peter Attia Drive will feature guests and experts that will offer advice and insight to help you optimize performance, health, longevity, critical thinking, and life. It’s hosted by Stanford M.D., TED speaker, and longevity expert Dr. Peter Attia, founder of Attia Medical, PC, a medical practice with offices in San Diego and New York City.
United States
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since Jun, 2018


Dom D’Agostino, Ph.D.: ketosis, n=1, exogenous ketones, HBOT, seizures, and cancer (EP.05)

Dom digs deep into the research and application of ketogenic diets, exogenous ketones, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, and treating cancer with a metabolic approach. Plus, we lost track of the number of n=Dom experiments mentioned in this episode. We discuss: Dom’s early medical training in hyperbaric chambers [7:00]; Effect of ketones on cancer cells [20:00]; Ketones and oxygen toxicity seizures [32:00]; HBOT & its many applications [40:00]; Ketones, MCTs, and exogenous ketones [59:15]; How ketones affect blood glucose [1:20:00]; Ketone esters, salts, enantiomers vs. racemic BOHB [1:38:00]; Dom’s ketone tolerance test [1:56:00]; The metabolic management of cancer with a Press-Pulse approach [1:59:45]; and More. Learn more at Connect with Peter on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.
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