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Pincount is a tech podcast not afraid of the details. We're not just users, we're computer scientists and developers. Join us for half an hour each fortnight to get into the detail on new tech and speculate about what might be next.
April 16, 2018
Nvidia GTC 2018 Quadro GV100 - Anandtech V100 32GB - Anandtech NVSwitch and DGX-2 - Anandtech More Intel 8th Gen Core CPUs Anandtech overview Mobile Core i9-8950HK Mobile Core i7-8559U Dell with 8th Gen Core CPUs - Anandtech ARM PC followup Gigabit ARM Workstation - Bit Tech Cloudflare testing ARM in Servers - Matthew Prince on Twitter PCIe SD cards RED proprietary SSDs for cinema cameras Google Knusperli Generating images from human brain activity Guilluame Dumas Tweet Paper Newsletters we recommend Wild Week in AI Jupyter Last Week in AWS Issue 52 Import AI Detecting jaywalking with facial recognition Stratechery Stratechery 4.0 Benedict Evans Microsoft re-org Stackshare Instacart Article Aftershow VR game reviews Elite Dangerous - UpIsNotJump Fallout 4 Negatives - UpIsNotJump Fallout 4 Positives - UpIsNotJump More Computer Vision Trolling: Request for sheep - Janelle Shane on Twitter Do Neural Nets Dream of Electric Sheep Diagnosis Pain Levels in Sheep Amazon Transcribe Episode 27 transcript sample
March 14, 2018
Followup Running Hashcat on Amazon AWS P3.16xLarge Linus Tech Tips Titan V benchmarks Bitmain buying 20k 16nm wafers a month from TSMC Bitmain revenue Nvidia Turing Nvidia Ampere Facebook Detectron Fast Photo Style from Nvidia Deep Learning Classification Explain Tool Weapons of Math Destruction - Cathy O'Neil The Age of the Algorithm - 99% Invisible Human ImageNet classification performance - Section 6.4 Google TPU Public Beta RiseML TPU Benchmarks Chip reliability Nvidia Xavier Fail-slow at scale: evidence of hardware performance faults in large production systems Branchless Doom Hacker News Discussion Ports Serial port Parallel port PS/2 port USB 3.1 USB 3.2 Qi wireless charging Wireless USB
Jan. 29, 2018
CGP Grey How Machines Learn How Machines Really Learn Titan V Deep Learning Benchmarks EC2 P3 Instances Turning Design Mockups into Code with Deep Learning Adobe Dreamweaver S80186: 16-bit 80186 compatible IP core Fabien Sanglard's game code reviews Google's Learned Image Compression Challenger Google Guetzli CES Intel Anandtech's Keynote Live Blog Tangle Lake - Linus Tech Tips Video Loihi Neuromorphic chip Asus Mobile displays - Linus Tech Tips Video Meltdown and Spectre Why Raspberry Pi Isn't Vulnerable What Spectre and Meltdown Mean for Webkit Meltdown Paper Summary Why performance will be hit by fixes - Ars Technica Performance impact on Windows systems Performance impact on Mac OS PCID Meltdown Proof of Concepts Other CPU bugs Finding a CPU Design Bug in the Xbox 360 Pentium FDIV bug List of CPU bugs Dan Luu on Intel's 2015 CPU bugs Aftershow "The new webscale stack. MongoDB + nodejs + crypto" zenbot on Github Pan stink and grinder.
Dec. 21, 2017
FU Intel Xeon Skylake SP Tensorflow Light to support Core ML ONNX Version 1.0 Toshiba sampling UFS 2.1 Universal Flash Storage Qualcomm Centriq 2400 Nvidia Titan V - Anandtech NIPS - Neural Information Processing Systems Titan V Gaming Benchmarks Nvidia Deep Learning Containers Topic - Computational Photography Google Research blog posts Episode 19 - Google Photoscan and long exposure discussion Google Pixel 2 portrait mode Street View panorama processing Episode 13 - Google Plus image upscaling discussion Style Transfer for artistic impression Turning day into night Interactive editing of a video scene Occlusion removal Aftershow Cats? No, you want cat memes! Doug watches interactive editing video
Dec. 7, 2017
FU Apple's OLED display performance AI Funding for AI in UK Autumn 2017 Budget TensorFlow Lite Announcement Apple paper on LIDAR point cloud detection Amazon EC2 P3 instances with Nvidia Tesla V100 Amazon EC2 Deep Learning machine image CPU Amazon EC2 C5 instances Intel to use AMD Radeon GPUs in their CPUs Intel Discreet GPU Development Effort Storage Intel Optane 900p review Intel Optan DC-P4800X review Topic - Networking Netflix quest to serve 100Gbps from a single server Netflix Open Connect HN Discussion with Author answering questions Chelsio Crypto-offload NICs Infiniband 5G AWS Lambda AWS Snowball Edge Aftershow Pinboard Maciej Cegłowski Delicious Delicious on Wikipedia Pinboard Acquires Delicious Tweet - Delicious Architecture Tweet - The Cloud Bill Tweet - Reduced costs breaks developer
Oct. 30, 2017
Followup Correction on Coffee Lake Camera calibration for AR in Android Apple's open source Core ML tools Iain's tweet Intel shipping Nevana Neural Network processors AVX-512 in Cannon Lake consumer CPUs Intel delivers 17 qubit quantum processor GTC EU Off the shelf autonomous cars e.g. from AutonomouStuff Project Denver Caffe 2 ONNX Side rant on Linux notebooks: PNY PrevailPro P4000 Razer Blade Stealth with Kaby Lake 15W 4-core Dell XPS 13 with Kaby Lake 15W 4-core Image - Facebook's "small" deep learning cluster Image - RGB Man Video - RGB robot Raffaello Bonghi's rnext Image - MapD Bezos chart MapD New show segment Aftershow: Oracle "Autonomous Database"
Oct. 19, 2017
Followup Qualcomm Centriq Anandtech deep dive Serve the Home deep dive Apple switches Siri web search from Bing to Siri Intel Announces 8th Generation Coffee Lake hex core desktop processors - Anandtech Intel Core i9-7980xe Review - Anandtech Higher accuracy GPS chips for smartphones iPhone 8 and iPhone X Apple Special Event video Macrumors Live Coverage Iain predicts Apple NN hardware in iPhones, 2016 Apple's Machine Learning Journal NVDLA - Nvidia Deep Learning Accelerator Primer Github Nvidia Xavier Microsoft Project Brainwave Google TPU Performance Analysis - Anandtech Live Blog
Sept. 25, 2017
eGPU support for Nvidia Quadro cards Video encoding on Amazon EC2 F1 instances More from Dan Rayburn More fooling deep learning algorithms AMD Threadripper review from Anandtech - CPU Modes UMA NUMA Intel Cannonlake details Intel Coffee Lake leaks ARM Macs James' Tweet Macbook Pro vs iPad Intel Kaby Lake overview Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 overview Windows RT Windows S Aftershow Which common technologies might be dead next? jQuery
Aug. 9, 2017
Followup AR Kit in Apple Maps Apple's Machine Learning "Journal" Intel Skylake, Kaby Lake Hyperthreading errata Debian Announcement Detection story Amazon EC2 G3 Instances IBM Z14 - Buzzword driven computing Nvidia V100 in the wild Nvidia DGX-1 V100 pricing Neural Network hardware for Microsoft HoloLens Google Glass for Industry Adobe Flash EOL Adobe announcement Google Chrome no longer runs Flash by default - December 2016 How does the Internet Work? What is "Webscale"? Rails can't Scale Ruby Ruby on Rails CRUD Vint Cerf MVC - Model-View-Controller Framework Song NodeJS Express Global Interpreter Lock JRuby Elixir Phoenix web framework Getting to Facebook DNS BGP Anycast Content Delivery Networks Fastly Varnish SSL Handshake Seconds count in web performance Aftershow Japanese Sumo Robots - Youtube highlights compilation Rules
July 5, 2017
Intel Aye Nine LTT on the complexity of the Intel X299 platform Clear Linux Computex Taipei Intel Coffee Lake Sneak Peak Coffee Lake delayed to 2018 Nvidia Geforce GTX MaxQ ASUS Zephyrus WWDC 2017 CoreML (Not MLKit) Video - Introducing Core ML Paul Haddad tweet on including models in apps ARKit Video - Introducing ARKit Mac OS support for eGPU Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box Steam VR Tracking 2 RX580 shortage HEVC / H.265 Video - Introducing HEIF and HEVC HEIF Nokia documentation Apple Podcast Analytics Safari performance benchmarks More from Google IO Google Research Cloud TheNextPlatform First Look TheNextPlatform Deep Dive Aftershow New 10.5 Inch iPad Pro iMac Pro The Talk Show Live 2017 StackOverflow helping developers escape vim Comic - Trapped
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