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May 21, 2018
It's been quite a while since Colin Gray was on the show, but he came back with lots of new things to talk about in podcasting. He's known as the Podcast Host and the man behind multiple podcasts. Based in Scotland, he is familiar with all the hosting companies and has been involved in podcasting one way or another for many years. Most recently he came out with a production app titled, Alitu. Released earlier this year as a web app, it spent considerable time in beta testing will be available for purchase this summer. Hailed from the team that has spent years producing shows, this app aims to help podcasters create quality shows without need for a highly skilled producer. Check out Alitu in the link below. Become familiar with his site, The Podcast Host as there is regular fresh content concerning podcast choices, outlets and general know how. He also has a podcasting academy that you can join to learn the ins and outs of how to host and produce your own show. Colin will also be speaking at Podcast Movement later this summer sharing his knowledge of the overall podcasting process and nine ways to cut down your podcasting time. Find out more about his session at the link below. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Fan of PowerPress? Leave us a review here. Show notes: Alitu: Check out the new app here. Keep up with podcasting with The Podcast Host blog and resource blog. Speaking: Don't miss Colin at Podcast Movement. Get your tickets to Podcast Movement: Use the code Blubrry to save 10%. Audioboom: Triton and Audioboom merger called off
May 10, 2018
To improve podcasting you have to go through some trial and error. The episode opens discussing secrets that make some podcast hosts better than others. Podcast Hall of Fame inductee, Gary Leland, chatted with MacKenzie about what he has accomplished and seen change in the podcast industry since he started back in 2004. He's been involved in podcasting in a multitude of ways and is involved in the Podcast Hall of Fame ceremony at Podcast Movement later this summer. They wrap up by mentioning a content for students to start a podcast, put on by the New York Times. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show on your favorite listening app or device. Fan of PowerPress? Leave us a review here.   Show notes: Secrets for Super Podcast Hosts: Dissecting some dos and don'ts of being an interviewer. Podcast Pickle: One of the first podcast directories out there. Crypto Cousins: Keep up with the bitcoin community. 4 Minute Crypto: Part of the Crypto Cousins network. Gary Leland: Get to know the man behind so many podcasts in a variety of niches. Student Podcast Contest: Hosted by the New York Times.
April 9, 2018
Podcasters can now purchase licensed music for their podcasts via SourceAudio and Blubrry. This new relationship comes from the increased risks associated with using licenses for music that do not pertain directly to podcasts. SourceAudio is providing great discounts to podcasts that come through Blubrry. Podcasters can purchase a monthly subscription or a buy out for a single track. Doug Reed and Greg Riggle join the show to explain why this is such an important part of moving forward in the podcasting industry. Thanks for listening and subscribe on your choice of podcast app. Think you'll be a great guest for the show, email MacKenzie with some information about your podcast. Fan of PowerPress? Leave us a review here. Show notes: SourceAudio and Blubrry: Get the details on subscriptions and buy outs. Press release: Both companies are very excited about this new opportunity. NAB: Las Vegas April 8-12, both companies will be attending. Email MacKenzie: Comments, questions, etc.
March 27, 2018
The National Association of Broadcasters is coming up soon, April 9-12 in Las Vegas, and this year a Podcasting Pavilion has been included; expect to see the Blubrry team and Chris Curran there. He's made a name for himself with his audio engineering skills, and Blubrry has stood out in the podcasting industry being not only one of the first but, one of the most utilized companies out there for podcasters. This year the new Podcasting Pavilion will be featuring an Ask the Expert booth that includes an area not only to test out 10 different microphones, but the opportunity to Chris Curran and his team any podcasting question you'd like.   Chris Curran: Founder and lead instructor for the Podcast Engineering School, has an extensive history of working in audio, including loads of album credits. Founder of Fractal Recording he has been working in the podcasting industry for the past six years.         Radio executives, video creators, etc, stop by the Blubrry booth to talk with veterans in the field, and find out how you can get your podcast started, or take it to the next level with our help. We'll see you there! Thanks for listening to this episode and please subscribe. If you'd like to be on the show, email [email protected] Fan of PowerPress? Leave us a review here. Show notes: NAB: April 9-12 exhibit area Podcast Engineering School: Graduate from this school and become a full-time podcast producer. Ask the Expert and Podcasting Pavilion: Check in with Chris. Blubrry at NAB: Stop by or email to make an appointment to speak with us.
March 12, 2018
Podcast listeners enjoy a variety of content categories, and someone was able to track the most popular ones in Apple for a year. The data and trends were not surprising, but it's how a podcaster uses that data for their own show that matters. The guest this week was, John Wilkerson, of the show The Wired Homeschool. He noted the importance of including additional content on your website, besides your podcast. This way, podcasters are increasing their search engine optimization and getting a higher number of potential listeners and downloads. NPR shared some wisdom on starting a roundtable podcast. An unfamiliar format for many, there are some dos and don'ts podcasters can learn now before they make them. If you'd like to be a guest on the show, or recommend someone, please reach out and let MacKenzie know why you think it would be a good fit. Fan of PowerPress? Leave us a review. Show notes: Tracking Apple's Top 200: Learn the trends of the most popular podcasts in Apple, graphs included. The Wired Homeschool: Tech, Tools, & Tips for Homeschooling a Digital Generation. Roundtable Podcasting Best Practices: Getting the most out of this format, for the listener. Email MacKenzie: Questions or comments about the show.
Feb. 28, 2018
PowerPress offers a wide variety of options on how to set up a podcast. Two Blubrry team members, Mike Dell and Shawn Thorpe explain the pros and cons of using either option. Podcasters that have a network of shows on their website should be using the professional hosting option with Blubrry. It allows for easy management of multiple shows, all in one account. Before they discuss the differences in PowerPress, Mike and MacKenzie recap Podfest, from earlier this month in Orlando. It was a first time event for both of them, and they're looking forward to seeing how the event evolves. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe. If you'd like to be a guest on a future episode, reach out to MacKenzie and let her know why you think you'd like a great fit. Fan of PowerPress? Leave us a review here. Show notes: Podfest: Tickets are on sale for 2019. Don't miss out. Category Podcasting: Add a podcast to your new or existing WordPress categories. Mainly used for creating multiple podcast feeds from a single WordPress site. Custom Podcast Channels: Add another podcast to your website. Very similar to category, but was designed to post multiple media formats. Professional hosting: Learn more here or contact MacKenzie. Email [email protected] - Questions about Blubrry, the affiliate program, guest on the show, etc.
Feb. 15, 2018
Podcasts do not truly belong on Youtube, and you most likely should not be putting your episodes on that video platform. Most podcasts are audio and by putting them on YouTube you are risking your content rights, channel and more. Daniel J. Lewis explains why podcasters should shy away from this practice. The two hosts, Chase and Bradley, of the show Some Guy and the Bug Man joined MacKenzie to discuss the multiple reasons why YouTube can hurt your podcast and share information on their show(s). Both shows in the Some Bug Man Studio are quick and to the point. They're hoping to make some changes soon. Lastly, the group talks about how Blubrry is now offering submissions to Spotify to it's hosting customers. Stick around for the PowerPress tip at the end of the episode, courtesy of Shawn Thorpe. Thanks for listening and please subscribe via your favorite podcast platform. Want to be on the show? Email MacKenzie and tell her why you think you would be a great fit. Fan of PowerPress? Leave us a review here! Show Notes: Why You Should NOT Post Your Audio Podcasts on YouTube: From Daniel J. Lewis, Audacity to Podcast Some Guy and the Bug Man: Listen to their episodes here. Twitter: @somebugman Facebook: /somebugman YouTube Archive: Some Bug Man Chase (Some Guy) Twitter: @chasetherev Bradley (Bug Man) Twitter: @BugMan_Bradley Get on Spotify via Blubrry: Hosting customers only.
Jan. 29, 2018
Big changes are coming to some 30 radio stations around the country. E.W Scripps is cutting their radio department and will be selling off their 34 stations. In a move to focus more on podcasts, the multimedia company is also restructuring in other departments to improve all resources. Adam Symson, Scripps' relatively new CEO, has been influential in the move to podcasts. Edible-Alpha, a podcast from the Food Finance Institute in Madison, Wisconsin is making waves with the food business. Tera Johnson, host and Zac Smucker-Bryan, producer, began this podcast in November of 2017 and have been sharing crucial information for those aiming to gain investors and finance knowledge for their food business. They have unique persepctives as a former radio host and someone coming in fresh to the entire industry. Thanks for listening and please subscribe to the show.   Fan of PowerPress? Leave us a review here. Show Notes: Scripps Reshapes for 21st century: Including employee cutbacks. Food Finance Institute: Learn about their organization. Bigger things to come for the Edible-Alpha podcast: What they're planning for 2018. Zac's most proud of episode: A Steady, Slow Growth Path for Quince and Apple's Niche Domination. Edible-Alpha: Edible-Alpha is a digital resource hub providing consultants, lenders, investors and entrepreneurs with actionable insights, training, resources and tools that empowers them to build and fund the next generation of profitable food, beverage and value-added farm businesses. Tera Johnson: Serial entrepreneur whose mission is to create the next generation of environmentally and economically regenerative food and farming businesses. The founder of teraswhey®and host of the Edible-Alpha podcast, Tera participated in the full arc of creating a successful investor-financed company. Now the founder of the Food Finance Institute at UW-Extension and winner of the Chancellor’s 2017 Wisconsin Idea Award, Tera is a frequent speaker, teacher and financial consultant to sustainable food and farming businesses, social venture funds and investors.
Jan. 15, 2018
Podcasting is not slowing down in 2018, at least that's what these pros and experts have to say. 2017 was a very successful year for many podcasters, networks, newbies, etc, and 2018 will be no exception, with quality content and delivery taking precedence this year, based on the predictions from experts in the media industry. Host of the show, Working Cows, Clay Conry discusses with MacKenzie what we'll see later on and how he got started with his show this past fall. Thanks for listening to the show and please subscribe. If you're interested in being a guest, please email MacKenzie (must be PowerPress user). Fan of PowerPress? Leave us a review here! Show notes: 20+ Blogging, Video, and Podcasting Predictions for 2018 from the Pros: Posted on Jan 11, 2018. Read up on what the people in this industry think will be happening this year - get in early on some of these ideas. Social Media Examiner, hosting the Social Media Marketing World conference: Learn social media marketing tips from some of the world's most knowledgable. Working Cows: From host Clay Conry. Thinking out of the box for the ranching industry, from someone whose been involved for countless years. Working Cows social media: follow on these outlets for updates on the show and blog - Facebook, Twitter
Jan. 1, 2018
It's a new year and you should have new goals for the year. Due to taking some time off for the holidays - which gave MacKenzie some time to think of new goals for herself - the following episode is a re-run. Past show notes from the episode release in September of 2017: Back in September of 2015 MacKenzie was tasked with restarting Blubrry’s show, the PowerPress Podcast. With consistent bi-weekly episodes, it’s finally the two year anniversary of the show. The official date, birthday, whatever one wants to call it, is September 10th, 2015. Podcasting comes with highs and lows, regardless of how much support a podcaster has surrounding them. To help MacKenzie celebrate, she brought on Jane Ellen, a past guest to talk about what they’ve learned, experienced and changed over their time podcasting. Thanks everyone for listening and subscribing to the show for the past two years. Many good things to come! Fan of PowerPress? Leave us a review here! Show notes: Glistening Particles – Take a listen to Jane Ellen’s show about conversations with random acquaintances and more. Old PowerPress episode with Jane – From October of 2016. She Podcasts – For any female podcasts our there, join this group. It’s full of great advise, conversations and ideas. Editing – I was told Lynda.com is great for learning Audition. Podcasters’ Hangout, Podcast Community – There are more Facebook groups as well, search for them! Columbus Podcaster’s Meetup – We meet at the end of every month – in September we’ll be talking about monetization. 16 Personalities – MacKenzie started to take the test again after this podcast, still didn’t finish it.
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