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The Struggle Bus is an advice show about mental health, self-care, and just getting through the damn day. Co-hosts Katharine Heller (@spkheller) and Sally Tamarkin (@sallyt) answer listener questions about family, friends, work, mental health, love, and literally everything else — no topic is off-limits and no problem is too big, too small, or too weird. Climb aboard and get advice from two friends who have lots of feelings and lots of opinions.
United States
145 episodes
since Aug, 2014
explicit content


Episode 145: Financial Crisis on Mushrooms

On this episode Kate and Sally jibber jabber about all the TV and movies they’re watching. Then they answer listener emails about what to do when you know you need to open up but feel like you can’t, and the ins and outs of coming out and labeling your sexuality. 00:00 Welcome to The Struggle Bus 1:23 Opening Jibber Jabber 10:18  A Thing We Did (for Self-Care) 15:26 Listener Update: How To Be A Good Manager (from episode 138) 17:51  Email #1: What to do when you know you need to open up but feel like you can’t 36:38 Email #2: The ins and outs of coming out and labeling your sexuality 55:36 Song of the Week (Kate's pick)
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