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By Andrew Pontious and Wolf Rentzsch

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Edge Cases

Andrew Pontious

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April 16, 2015
Andrew on Carthage and Wolf on text as a symptom. Plus: ending the show. Links: I Do Care a Lot About Dependencies « Edge Cases CocoaPods.org 098 iPS Carthage with Justin Spahr-Summers - iPhreaks « DevChat.tv Carthage/Carthage « GitHub mattt comment re: AFNetworking never supporting dynamic frameworks, AFNetworking/AFNetworking « GitHub A Foundation of Chaos « Edge Cases Unix philosophy, Doug McIlroy « Wikipedia The Design of Everyday Things, by Don Norman « Amazon.com Affordance « Wikipedia Monodraw for Mac « Helftone Old Macintosh Startup Sounds And Crash Sounds « YouTube
April 2, 2015
Wolf on strict vs flexible foundations and Andrew on React Native. Links: A Fan of Ravioli Code « Edge Cases Writing Solid Code (Microsoft Programming Series), by Steve Maguire « Amazon.com Robustness principle « Wikipedia Postel’s Law is not for you « Trevor Jim The Robustness Principle Reconsidered, by Eric Allman « Communications of the ACM Stochasticity « Radiolab Expressing Our Individuality, the Way E. Coli Do « New York Times Chaos Monkey · Netflix/SimianArmy Wiki « GitHub facebook/react-native « GitHub Old Apple Meets New Apple « Edge Cases ReactiveCocoa Why React? « React Write once, run anywhere « Wikipedia
March 26, 2015
Andrew on how Apple is the new Microsoft and Wolf on real-time systems. Links: Rob Rix tweet: “@apontious Rust 0.4 was much better than Swift 1.0, mostly due to openness.” Inside Apple’s Broken Sapphire Factory « Wall Street Journal Phone Company Sketch - We Don’t Care - Tomlin « YouTube The Apple strategy tax « Ars Technica Alien Reference Counting « Edge Cases Greg Parker (@gparker) « Twitter Race the Beam « Edge Cases
March 12, 2015
Wolf on the why of software change and Andrew on GUI debugging tools, real and imagined. Links: Kyle Van Essen tweet: “One failing of our discipline is that it’s easier to write code from scratch than to understand existing code. We need tools that explain.” 5 Whys « Wikipedia 5 Useful Tips For A Better Commit Message « Giant Robots A Note About Git Commit Messages « tbaggery How to Write a Git Commit Message « Chris Beams commandline/flashbake « GitHub WWDC 2014 Session 413 Debugging in Xcode 6
March 5, 2015
Andrew on Apple’s Swift framework problem and Wolf on bitcode for software distribution. Links: Swift 1.2 and Xcode 6.3 beta « Swift Blog - Apple Developer Controlling Complexity in Swift by Andy Matuschak (Video) « Realm WWDC 2014 Session 229 Advanced iOS Application Architecture and Patterns Dynamic recompilation « Wikipedia QuickTransit « Wikipedia Binary translation « Wikipedia FX!32 « Wikipedia p-code machine « Wikipedia SWEET16 « Wikipedia Ahead-of-time compilation « Wikipedia Bytecode « Wikipedia LLVM Bitcode File Format — LLVM 3.7 documentation Indexing with Clang « Edge Cases Integrating with LLVM « Dylan Foundry Google Native Client « Wikipedia Don’t Get Cocky, Kid « Edge Cases Sequential Consistency « Edge Cases
Feb. 26, 2015
Wolf on branches vs feature flags and Andrew (belatedly) on Apple’s 64-bit transition. Links: Scripting with C « Edge Cases OS X 10.10 Yosemite: The Ars Technica Review, Swift « Ars Technica Swift Standard Library Reference: Numeric Types Avi Bryant tweet: “@jewelia the thing I miss from Etsy is that discouraging branches serves as a huge encouragement to use feature flags, which is a good thing” Sentiment analysis « Wikipedia etsy/feature « GitHub Twitter captivated by Arizona llama drama « BBC News The White and Gold (No, Blue and Black!) Dress That Melted the Internet « NYTimes.com
Feb. 19, 2015
Andrew and Wolf on working from home. Links: Yahoo Working From Home Memo « Business Insider Mapping the Microbes of the New York City Subway « Wired BART rider with measles potentially exposed thousands « SFGate Pear Note for Mac « Useful Fruit Software
Feb. 5, 2015
Wolf on subpixel text rendering and Andrew on linked lists. Links: Subpixel Anti-Aliasing Follow-Up « Quarter Life Crisis Subpixel rendering « Wikipedia Sub-pixel font smoothing with CGBitmapContext « Cocoabuilder How to work around poor text rendering in text backed by a CALayer « Stack Overflow twui/TUICGAdditions.m at master « GitHub Color-aware ClearType requires access to fixed background pixels, which is a problem if you don’t know what the background pixels are, or if they aren’t fixed « The Old New Thing Andrew Pontious tweet: “Guys guys I think I might actually have a legitimate use for a linked list guys.” Andrew Pontious tweet: “I’m implementing the linked list! Don’t try and stop me!” Andrew Pontious tweet: “Man, so that’s why nobody uses linked lists!” Linked list « Wikipedia Intrusive and non-intrusive containers - 1.43.0 « Boost C++ Libraries Finding loop in a singly linked-list « Stack Overflow rentzsch/elemental « GitHub rentzsch/atomicity « GitHub
Jan. 22, 2015
Andrew on weak references and Wolf on physical-access malware like Thunderstrike. Links: The Swift Programming Language: Automatic Reference Counting Thunderstrike 31c3 « Trammell Hudson’s Projects Thunderstrike Proof-of-Concept Attack Serious, but Limited « TidBITS World’s first (known) bootkit for OS X can permanently backdoor Macs « Ars Technica De Mysteriis Dom Jobsivs: Mac EFI Rootkits (PDF) DMA attack « Wikipedia The MacHax Best Hack Contest 2002 « TidBITS Evil Maid goes after TrueCrypt! « The Invisible Things Lab’s blog You Don’t Want XTS « Quarrelsome Secret of Intel Management Engine by Igor Skochinsky « Slideshare Cold boot attack « Wikipedia FROST: Forensic Recovery Of Scrambled Telephones « IT-Sicherheitsinfrastrukturen (Informatik 1) Evidence Search and Analysis Software for Digital Forensic Investigations « Belkasoft Memory controller, Scrambling « Wikipedia Apple keyboard firmware hack demonstrated « SemiAccurate
Jan. 15, 2015
Wolf on state machines and Andrew on std::swap vs. functional programming. Links: Finite States of America « Khanlou.com Finite-state machine « Wikipedia Why Developers Never Use State Machines « Skorks SMC: The State Machine Compiler blakewatters/TransitionKit « GitHub luisobo/StateMachine « GitHub mmower/statec « GitHub rentzsch/JREnum « GitHub Sutter’s Mill | Herb Sutter on software, hardware, and concurrency Scott Meyers: Software Development Consultant Exception-Safe Class Design, Part 1: Copy Assignment « GotW (Guru of the Week) #59 If You Look at the Error, You Will Crash « Edge Cases

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