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Podcasts – Crossderry Blog
By Paul Ritchie
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Technology and business discussions by the author of Crossderry Blog (crossderry.com and @crossderry).
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Nov. 17, 2014
Here is the second Crossderry podcast. The topics are: Best and Worst Project Names Tweet review: CIOs must influence CEO behavior, storytelling quote, RIP Tom Magliozzi Enjoy! Links: My posts on Best and Worst Project Names here and here. What BOHICA means. The myth of the Phoenix. The links to my Nov 10 tweet on CIO influence, the Disney Institute […]
Nov. 11, 2014
Here is the first Crossderry podcast. I plan to do this roughly once a week. The topics are: Apple Watch as threat to Swiss watch industry, Quick hitter tweet review: Team size, platform category errors, and salespeople who do not know anything about their customers. Enjoy! https://crossderry.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/12nov2014_crossderrypod.mp3 Links: The John Shank/Vijay Govindarajan book I referenced on Strategic Cost Management, Definition of jewelry I used: decorative objects…that people wear on their body. Here’s a link to the  FT article (via CNBC) where I pulled quotes. The links to my Oct 31 tweet on team size, my Oct 30 tweet on apps vs. other software, and my Oct 27 tweet on poor sales practices. Intro and close music is “Frog In the Well” played by Lucas Gonze. Filed under: Podcasts Tagged: Apple, Leadership, Rolex, Strategy