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134: Dreaming of GraphQL

Thanks to DigitalOcean for sponsoring Does Not Compute! DigitalOcean is the easiest cloud platform to run and scale your applications. From effortless administration tools to robust compute, storage, and networking services, DigitalOcean provides an all-in-one cloud platform to help developers and their teams save time while running and scaling their applications. Build your next app on DigitalOcean. Get started today with a free $100 credit at It only takes a few minutes to get up and running. Things Mentioned @schrockwell Remote Ham Radio Elixir Slack Elixir - Bodygaurd Elixir - Quantum Elixir - Phoenix Framework Elixir - Exq Elixir - Absinthe Elixir - Observer CLI Distributed Erlang Ruby - Pundit ColdFusion GraphQL GraphQL - Root Field Resolvers Nuxt.js universal-url whatwg-url IDL (interface definition language) Heroku Heroku - Pipelines Cloudflare Regiment - NodeJS cluster wrapper to gracefully manage workers DreamHost Procfile Schedule Weekly or Monthly Tasks on Heroku Model-View-Controller Ruby on Rails Axios.js Leave us a review Last but not least, if you haven't rated or reviewed the show yet and you'd like to do us a huge favor, you can do so by clicking here! Show Notes Archive If you're looking for a link we've mentioned in the past, head on over to the Does Not Compute site! We've even included a search tool for you to use to find episodes that touch on specific topics. Join Us On Spectrum If you have enjoyed the show so far, reach out to us on twitter at @seanwashbot and @paulstraw, or join us in the Spectrum community at!
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