The Unified Field (CKDU)

The Unified Field (CKDU)
By Mr. Justin Brown
About this podcast
Atlantic Canada's ONLY paranormal/expanding consciousness/ufological radio broadcast welcomes you to tune in and discover the brave new world. From Stan Friedman to Stan Romanek, we speak with the world's foremost experts and guests in the fields of Ufology, Exopolitics and all areas of the paranormal. Only the highest echelon of guests join us here at the edge of the known universe, where one more step means the end of the old world and the start of the new. Right here...on the Unified Field.
Latest episodes
June 15, 2012
Clinical Hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith joinns us to talk about her recent UFO lecture tour in McMinnville, the IUFOC, the upcoming Roswell Festival, her new 'hush hush' secret new book, 'the Coronado Intrusion' about a group abduction on Coronado island when, coincidentally, the US president, Clinton ,was there along with the secret Service. We also go over 'Chosen',  as well as the 'abductee checklist' Join us here for all the latest news and happenings from around the world in the Ufological and new science arenas.  Stuff you'll never hear around the water cooler. Play in your default player Open in new window
May 22, 2012
Okla-Choctaw wisdom Keeper Rainbow Eagle joined us Saturday May 5th on UFR to discuss indigenous creation mythology and the relationship between the sky brothers and the modern UFO era….It was both humbling and awe-inspiring.  We spoke about the relationship of indigenous cultures and the beginning of the Earth and mankind, UFO's, 2012, and messages for the future, passed down through hundreds of generations in order to bring balance back to  Mother Earth…..never miss an opportunity to listen to an elder speak!All that and all the latest Para-News from around the Earth!
May 2, 2012
England's Tracie Austin Peters is the host the this year's first annual 2012 Women's UFO Symposium in Texas, May 19-20.  We're gonna talk about her contribution to Ufology as on of the leading ladies, her involvement in paranormal television, sightings, and more.   Plus all the paranormal/ New Science/ Ufological news from round the globe.Listen closely and enter for your chance to win a peice of Ufological history.
April 14, 2012
Accomplished author Mack Maloney joins us to talk about his astounding first foray into the UFO realm with his latest book 'UFO's In Wartime'.   This is a work that will go down in the annals of Ufological history, drawing on earlier works by the greatest experts in the field, including Keith Chester (who wrote the foreword to the book), Jacques Valee, Ruppelt, Hynek, Hastings, and more.   We talk about UFO's in antiquity, to alien encounters in Missile silos during the Cold War, to stories of craft being shot down during the Gulf War.  This is just the  beginning.  All this plus news from around the globe, including a buried saucer discovery, Nick Sagan, Gary McKinnon updates, and more on the new and improved streamlined Unified Field Radio.  Same great full length interview, more news.
March 19, 2012
Jessica Schab conducted one of the world's first interviews with a gentleman named Andrew Basiago, who claims he was part of a secret American program to teleport individuals to Mars. What's more, is that he now claims to have trained alongside the current head of DARPA as well as none other than Barak Obama himself.  He's not  alone either, as others have come to his side claiming they were part of the same program.  Jessica is a truly unique individual with a diverse paranormal background beginning with a genealogical inheritance of strange experiences, the most profound being that she and her father are both alien abductees. Ghosts, aliens, Martian teleportation, star seeds, the holographic matrix, and the future Human path - It's all here in this interview.  Along with all the latest and greatest in the realm of new science and paranormal news, we're going out in a blaze of glory.  You don't want to miss this jam packed, out of this world season 3
March 8, 2012
James Strait is the author 'Weird Missouri', a book about incredible idiosyncrasies buried within the four corners of the state. From Boathenge, the abduction of a public figure to the re-animation of Mollie Crenshaw, you'll hear all the weirdness in this one.  Plus we go into his new book 'Deja Vu- All Over again' about secret Mayan technology and end time time loops, his illustrious radio career, his extensive aeronautical background, upcoming projects, and all the paranormal news from around the world.                                                                                                     You came to the right place my friends.What else do we talk about?….Stephen Bassett update feb 23-Rockefeller PetitionMystery boxes UpdateIUFOCOccupy Panel Homelessness MarathonCBAN.caMack Maloney-UFO's in WartimeUFO Documentaries to look out for-IUFOC picks
Feb. 24, 2012
Anthony Sanchez joins us on episode Snake Eyes of Season 3 to discuss what he's discovered in his quest in to discover the truth about Dulce, New Mexico. In his book, UFO Highway, given praise by George Noory and Jesse Randolph, Anthony Sanchez reveals what he learned from Colonel X, a secret ex-military agent who had top secret clearance at the underground facility at Dulce….the discovery of a secret entrance into an underground alien Grey lair, the discovery of dead and living Greys, at least two major firefights between man and alien, extra-terrestrial encyclopedic tablets describing the history of our planet, and even more important, the history of the human race…and that's just the beginning.    All this plus ufological/ new science news from around the world including..."No shortage of UFO's as there's still being seen worldwide from London over the Thames, to strange objects and colour rings in Russia, to Texas fireballs which have been getting serious media attention over the last few weeks, from security cams to police officers, to news media to scientists debating whether we're looking at a UFO or meteor."……and so much more.Keep your eyes on the sky and you may just be surprised…it may expand you int the infinite or shrink you down to size.
Feb. 1, 2012
Lisa Romanek joins to talk about her brand new book  'From My Side of the Bed -Pulling Down the Covers on Extra-Terrestrial Contact- A Spouse's Perspective' as well as her 1st ever lecture at the upcoming first ever 2012 Women's UFO Symposium in May.  This was also her very first solo interview!  A lot of first's for Lisa but you'd never know it.  She's a pro.   All this plus a UFO at the bottom of the Baltic Sea that is being investigated in May, a n End of the World story by Sally MacKay, a caller voices his opinion of the importance of supporting our founding fathers- the indigenous peoples of our great land,  and all the news from around the world.
Jan. 22, 2012
Collective Evolution are a group of young individuals out of Toronto, Canada, who are passionate about their work which relates to the shift that they say is taking place across the planet.  They've been around since 2009 and have built a global fan base through it's website ( ), Facebook presence and 3 documentaries that  have reached almost 200,000 people on YouTube in less than one year. Their  message continues to expand. Thier 2 feature documentaries have made their way into a  film festival that is held online allowing them to get some worldwide exposure.Their latest documentary-The-Collective-Evolution-II--The-Human-Experience is on that film festival website @  and can be seen absolutely FREE along with their first full length film, available from their website.  Currently, Collective-Evolution is working on a third feature documentary, a web series and will be hosting a series of events and seminars in 2012. Joins us as we talk about 'Source', the future of Humanity, the Reptilian stronghold on our troubled age, and how we can get past it all, giving birth to new golden era. These guys are sharp, but not enough to prevent me from asking the tough questions.  Job well done guys.All this and news from around the world, an update from Wall street via a press member in New York City, and a pop in from 'North of Reality's Jack Ward! The future looks bright.
Jan. 16, 2012
Paola Harris an Internationally known investigator, photojournalist, author lecturer, teacher, and so much more. She's known for many reasons but some of the big highlights are work with Paul Hellyer, with the late Dr. John Mack (Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School/ Founding Director, Program for Extraordinary Experience Research} Monsignor Corrado Balducci  of the Vatican and his beliefs on the ET phenomenon. She had worked closely with Col. Phil Corso in the 90's and wrote the preface to his book, The Day After Roswell, all about the Roswell crash and the implications of the technology that was recovered, and dispersed through the commercial world.  She's within for a number of media giants including Nexus, and Open Minds magazine as well as three books, the newest of the batch titled Exopolitics: Stargate to a New Reality, includes some amazing military witness Testimony.
  She's a regular contributor to George Noory's Coast To Coast, and last but not the least, is the Femme Fatale in 2012's upcoming Women's UFO symposium showcasing some the world's most important women in UFOlogy including Carol Rosin, Dr. Lynne Kitei, Stan Romanek's wife Lisa with her interesting perspective from her side of the marriage, Angelia Joiner, UFR alumni Yvonne Smith and more.

She's been in Fastwalker's, Terje Toftenes Day Before Disclosure, she worked with historical Ufological figure J. Allen Hynek for 6 years in the 80's.It's the last show of 2011 on the eve of the end of the Mayan Calendar….. News from around the world, including updates from the Gary McKinnon Ectradition Trial, amazing UFO New UFO flicks,  NASA missions to Europa, Mars, Russian Protest UFO's, Keplar updates and GIGANTIC NEWS FROM UFONAUT RADIO AND UNIFIED FIELD RADIO…..