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An ongoing conversation about work, internet culture, and what it means to be a mindful 20-something at the beginning of your career.
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Feb. 14, 2018 · transcript
In our season finale, we talk about time and attention. Daniel takes John to task about whether or not time exists. We'll be back with Season 4 soon! Patreon This is water (seriously, watch this whole thing. It's quite good) The Witness (one of John's favorite video games)
Jan. 24, 2018 co-founder Stephen Hackett stops in to talk about the perils of finding personal identity in your work, whether or not it's important to "love" what you do, and the weird experience of having an emotional relationship with a corporation. Patreon (the tip jar) Stephen Hackett on Twitter 512 Pixels (Stephen's blog) the Merlin episode the Brianna episode the Estelle episode Earworm (Estelle's new project on YouTube) Ikigai (wiki) Myke Hurley on Twitter CGP Grey (YouTube channel)
Jan. 3, 2018
This week we recap Discipline December. We talk discipline as a tool, the downside of letting fear motivate your work, and using experiments to diagnose your problems. Then John loses his mind over how much he loves “Holy Hour”. Our tip jar (no pressure, but you know... give us your money) Original Discipline December episode Discipline December Score Card Caleb on Twitter Summer Dregs (Carl Cadwell's music) Skypunch Studios (Carl Cadwell's business) Episode with Michael Johnson
Dec. 20, 2017
We return to form with this old school episode with no guest. John is having a hard time getting things done, and Daniel has ideas for how to help. We discuss working from home, making good check lists, slowing your roll, and taking notes. Links Our Tip Jar Discipline December Episode Discipline December Spreadsheet Ego Depletion Flourish & Blotts Kvothe Our episode with Matt Stauffer Bear (an excellent note-taking app) Barrett Brown Aaron Swartz Tighten
Dec. 6, 2017
Daniel is going to be disciplined for (almost) a whole month! This is a very meta episode: protestant work ethic, work habits, budgeting, food, exercise, checklists, tidying up, and more! Follow along with our progress in the link in the show notes. If you want to join along, shoot us a tweet.Special Guest: Caleb Porzio.Links:Discipline December SPREADSHEET Patreon (our tip jar)Curating a Twitter feed (this week's bonus content)Caleb Porzio (@calebporzio) | Twitter — Loves @laravelphp | Developer @TightenCo | Co-hosts @twentypercentfm | just happy to be hereCaleb Porzio | websitecalebporzio (Caleb Porzio) · GitHubMint: Money Manager, Bills, Credit Score & BudgetingFinancial Software and Wealth Management | Personal CapitalYNAB. Personal Budgeting Software for Windows, Mac, iOS and AndroidTell ‘Em What You’re Going To Tell ‘Em; Next, Tell ‘Em; Next, Tell ‘Em What You Told ‘Em | Quote InvestigatorTwenty Percent Time
Nov. 22, 2017
Long time friend Michael Johnson calls in for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. We talk vlogging, managing multiple side hustles, unifying your life, finding identity, and living life without a calendar. Special Guest: Michael Johnson.Links:Patreon (Listener Support)TwillyCommmichaeljohnson - YouTubeTwice Adapted | BandCampBrocrisp (Michael's solo music)18: Eventually it sucks less (with Merlin Mann)"What I want"
Nov. 8, 2017
4-time NYT Best Selling Author Nancy French shares her thoughts on being a Conservative writer in the era of Trump. Nancy recently left the Republican party and faced harassment from the Alt-Right. We also get into the relationship between pop culture and politics, and why Nancy pays more attention to Judd Apatow than Mike Pence!Special Guest: Nancy French.Links:Fits + Starts is creating a podcast about work and life. | PatreonNancy French (@NancyAFrench) | TwitterMitt (2014) - IMDbThe Emperor's New Clothes - WikipediaDavid French (@DavidAFrench) | TwitterDavid French | National ReviewKernel PanicTotal depravity - WikipediaPerseverance of the saints - Wikipedia
Oct. 25, 2017
John's cousin Aaron Belz drops by to talk about how businesses use language, the difference between students and young employees, how social media can shape the way people make creative stuff online, baseball, and more! Aaron is a poet and essayist who works in marketing.Special Guest: Aaron Belz.Links:Patreon (Listener Support)A. Belz (@aaronbelz) | Aaron Belz: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, KindleAaron Belz at AEM's 7th Annual Evening of Arts & Entertainment - DayveonHaptic technology - WikipediaFidelity Investments - Retirement, Funds, and Online TradingMailChimp Content Style Guide
Oct. 11, 2017
Mike Rugnetta drops some knowledge about how to improve internet discourse, maintaining a productive comment section, focusing on the right stuff, why people join internet communities, and what it means for something to "end" on the internet. Lastly, we get into a discussion of video games that feel like work, and why we love them.Special Guest: Mike Rugnetta.Links:Fits + Starts Patreon (click here to support the show!)John's 15 favorite Idea Channel videosReasonably SoundWhat Is Myth? Crash Course World Mythology #1 - YouTubeMike on Twitter (@mikerugnetta) | Twittermmmichaeljohnson - YouTube("feeling good, feeling great, how are you?")Carrot and stick - WikipediaAOL Instant Messenger shuts down after 20 years - Oct. 6, 2017
Aug. 2, 2017
We're about to take a short break! This episode is about where the show has been and where it is going. John sings the praises of incrementalism. Our list of dream guests is getting long.Links:Fits + Starts Listener SurveyBest way for artists and creators to get sustainable income and connect with fans | PatreonIn Praise of Incrementalism - Freakonomics FreakonomicsTa-Nehisi Coates (@tanehisicoates) | Twitterpatrice o'chill (@patthemanager) | TwitterLil Chano From 79th (@chancetherapper) | TwitterKashana (@kashanacauley) | Twitter(((Fr.Ballecer,SJ))) (@padresj) | TwitterSonal Chokshi (@smc90) | TwitterKrista Tippett (@kristatippett) | TwitterStewart Butterfield (@stewart) | TwitterJustin McElroy (@JustinMcElroy) | TwitterThe Travis McElroy (@travismcelroy) | Twittertwenty griffinteen (@griffinmcelroy) | TwitterMy Brother, My Brother and Me | Maximum FunThe McElroy Brothers Will Be In Trolls 2The Adventure Zone | Maximum FunCoolGames Inc - Polygonjohn roderick (@johnroderick) | TwitterDan Benjamin 🦅🐍 (@danbenjamin) | TwitterVeronica Belmont (@Veronica) | Twitter

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