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Listen to talk about computer forensic analysis, techniques, methodology, tool reviews and more.
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Feb. 13, 2018
This week I talk about the userassist artifact for file use and knowledge investigations.
Feb. 6, 2018
This week I talk about resolving USB usage back to specific systems and user accounts.
Jan. 30, 2018
This week I talk about Windows Explorer evidence.
Jan. 23, 2018
This week I talk about Windows Shellbags.
Jan. 17, 2018
This week I talk about a simple, but yet highly effective, OSINT tool - theHarvester.
Jan. 16, 2018
This week I continue the back to basics series with talk on the Windows Shimcache.
Jan. 9, 2018
This week it's a refresher on the Windows Prefetch, a core Microsoft artifact every examiner should know.
Jan. 2, 2018
This week I kick off a revisit of the fundamentals helpful to all new examiners.
Dec. 26, 2017
This week I go over some "go to" Windows Event Logs.
Dec. 19, 2017
This week I talk about Mac Logs, namely the new Unified Logging in OS X and how this impacts forensic exams.