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"freetalkutah" is a talk radio Podcast blog by a group of Sandy Utah newly graduated friends. We talk about Utah, single's wards, pop culture, Provo, hating Provo, Work, Dating, Movies, ipods, music, you name it. We're out to prove that we've got nothing to prove. We also make weak attempts at comedy...hey there, you got some jokes?!
United States
6 episodes
since Apr, 2006


FreeTalkUtah Episode 6 - Provo, Provo, Provo

DJ Jeff filled in for Johnny this week. Hopefully Johnny will be back soon. Jeff and I get rowdy talking about Mexico, Immigrants, politics, then a little about Provo dating etc. We get a call mid show from our BYU expert Adam, who gave us some glorious insight about the BYU culture. One of our best shows yet! easily in our top 5. Tell your friends!!!
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