Conversational Podcasting

Conversational Podcasting
By carterharkins
About this podcast
Two podcast technology company CEOs (Dave Nelsen of and Carter Harkins of chat about the state of public and social podcasting, and the promising future of the genre.
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June 25, 2007
uploaded by jmeter - small mp3
Jan. 17, 2007
A continuation of a discussion about business uses for interactive podcasting.
Jan. 10, 2007
Carter and Dave chat about why businesses should get interactive!
Dec. 20, 2006
Dave and Carter talk more about Tips and Tricks for making a podcast more interactive and conversational.
Dec. 6, 2006
So how do you create the inviting atmosphere your podcast needs to encourage participation? Are you afraid of "dead air"? What works and what doesn't? Tune in today and give us your thoughts!
Nov. 29, 2006
Dave Nelsen and Carter Harkins talk together about how interactive, conversational podcast models fit within business strategies.
Nov. 1, 2006
CEOs Dave Nelsen (TalkShoe) and Carter Harkins (Innertoob) talk about Participatory Podcasting
Nov. 1, 2006
Just to familiarize myself with the options, I created this, but there isn't any audio here.