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Faceoff Show

By Jade Robbins and Mark Sanborn


Faceoff is your face-to-face web technology podcast. In this podcast Jade Robbins and Mark Sanborn talk about various aspects of web technology such as web development, social media, and web entrepreneurship.
United States
10 episodes
since Apr, 2011


Episode 126: Signing Off

· transcript
Signing Off Have clear goals in mind, visualize success or failure Concrete Yes or No Define Success What is  your end goal? What is next after achieving success? Define Failure When is it no longer feasible to continue? Do the pros outweigh the cons? Exit Strategy Be prepared to fail, this is the difference between total failure and a graceful exit Things we learned Creating 125 episodes of content is difficult Giving  things out and getting a response is amazing Thanks for everything -Mark and Jade  
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