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Aug. 8, 2012
At Quakecon 2012 we were fortunate enough to get an exclusive interview with Michael Abrash of Valve Software. In the interview was also a writer from Rock Paper Shotgun. For those that don’t know… Michael Abrash is an esteemed computer programmer with a career spanning over 3 decades. He arrived in Dallas, Tx at this years Quakecon to speak with fellow geniuses John Carmack of Id Software… [ Read More... ]
July 30, 2012
Welcome to our 11th podcast… We talk about QuakeCon 2012 and some of the awesome events happening there. For those of you who don’t know, QuakeCon 2012 will be in Dallas, Tx starting August 2nd. It’s a giant lan party gaming festival and gaming convention featuring some of the brightest minds in gaming. We look forward to hearing John Carmack speak, as well as Michael Abrash (of Valve and … [ Read More... ]
July 11, 2012
Welcome to our 10 podcast… We discuss our hopes and thoughts about id Software’s upcoming Doom 4. Actually, discuss is really being used loosely. We violently argue and tear each other apart over what we hope Doom 4 will be like. We go over some topics such as the Doom 4 music, Doom 4 multiplayer and Doom 4 maps. Argue with us and leave some comments below … [ Read More... ]
June 3, 2012
Welcome to our 9th podcast… Check out our thoughts and opinions on the Pre E3 offerings by various game companies including Konami, Microsoft, Namco and more. We go over some exciting titles such as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Halo 4, the Final Fantasy series, The Last Guardian, and more. Keep your eyes peeled because we will be updating each day as we get more information from … [ Read More... ]

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