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May 21, 2018
From SXSW 2008 – amidst sirens and Austin, Texas 6th St. street noise – comes an interview with filmmaker Erich Weiss premièring “Hori Smoku, Sailor Jerry” about the originator of contemporary tattoo-ing – and iconoclastic libertarian American – Norman Collins who combined Japanese technique, Polynesian traditions, and American motifs in Hawaii during WW2. The interview delves into the … Continue reading Tattoo Culture of Sailor Jerry – Choogle On #124 →
April 30, 2018
On a forgotten forest walk, Dave riffs a story about first trip to Europe – starting with trying not to puke over an Amsterdam bridge after a meeting new temporary coffee shop pals – with flashback to Mexican desert trips with Grandpa, LSD trips with VW bus-fixing pals, and family Grateful Dead road trip to … Continue reading Eyes Towards Europe – Postcard #73 →
March 31, 2018
High in Jamaica, Uncle Weed visits Black Ras’ abundant mountain growfield to discuss “swamp weed” grown in morass versus “hard land weed” grown in volcanic soil with bat guano, plus varieties of ganja strains – both domestic and imported. Plus background about his family teaching him the ways of growing most anything and living an Ital … Continue reading Humble Boys Hard Land Weed – Choogle On with Uncle Weed #123 →
March 21, 2018
In-depth discussion with rock art photographer bev. davies including: hippie days with Neil Young and Joan Anderson (Joni Mitchell), shooting punk pioneers DOA and Subhumans, Motörhead in a park, David Bowie in a stadium, Brian Jonestown Massacre flipping off crowd and so many more.  Also stories from backstage with Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister, Nardwuar … Continue reading Punk Art Photog / bev. davies – Choogle On #122 →
Feb. 24, 2013
With scant days to go, Uncle Weed reflects on expectations, better realized – plus shares affection for kind people, the important of finding authenticity and supporting local economy– all while embarking on final steps before leaving, including: visiting Mr. Lawrence, the lifeguard; packing up jerk spice and mango chutney; detailing the geometric woodwork in the Queen’s … Continue reading The Way Home (Forever will i see you more) ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #10 →
Feb. 17, 2013
After more banter about lobsters, reggae and food, Uncle Weed offers observations about music industry, taxi drivers, civic pride, pothole filling, corrupt government and cynicism, devalued currency, human potential, news of the day, Patois remix, ninja squirrel mongoose, Rasta culture, fireflies, coconuts, kids doing homework, bats catching mosquitos, meaning of goats, donkeys strolling, swimming (or … Continue reading Cultural Field Notes For Ramblers ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #9 →
Feb. 11, 2013
Visiting pal Hemp Ed in Pe Ell, Washington, Uncle Weed gets up to date on the emerging and ambiguous regulatory framework for production, distribution and retailing of cannabis in the aftermath of Washington Initiative 502. Plus conversation on the state of industrial hemp, small scale growing operations, the impact of state-imported weed, and the role … Continue reading Fresh Washington State Cannabis Education – Choogle On #120 →
Feb. 4, 2013
Friend Nadine banters with Uncle Weed about Jamaica’s national dishes and alias nicknames before gamely sharing her techniques for the unofficial people’s favourite “jerk” along with a real-time example of a pork shoulder sizzling on a – ubiquitous and rugged – gas-can grill while sharing her tips for choosing the right cut and combinations of … Continue reading Jerk Grilling Master Class ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #8 →
Jan. 27, 2013
Sparking a morning joint, Uncle Weed recounts a skiff boat reef trip with Harold, acquiring lobster from John Wesley – member of The Silverlights – house band of Leroy’s bar, breaks down lobster physiology, discusses geo-cultural differences between parishes & regions, reviews of recent meals of skipjack and coconut chicken lobster, and takes a stereo … Continue reading Market Day and Lobster Man ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #7 →
Jan. 20, 2013
Recollections from a wasp poison haze including fleeting messages delivered by film strip, endless fortune cookies and fuzzy memories from forgotten incidents. Plus the backstory about Leo of Little Bay and details of his colourful cabins, banter and rum on the tiny store’s porch with Brodie, plus tales of bonfire ganja mechanics, fortified brownies, chillcuzi … Continue reading Wasp Bite Feverish Dreams ~ Choogle On Jamaica Scheme #6 →

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