Digitally Overwhelmed

Digitally Overwhelmed
By Cinthia Pacheco
About this podcast
This show is for female entrepreneurs and creative businesses to feel less overwhelmed about everything they need to be doing for their online business. Cinthia talks to various experts about how to best approach your online tools and systems to be successful, while still saying sane. We talk all all things tech, in a completely down to earth, uncomplicated way.
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Cinthia Pacheco

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Latest episodes
Jan. 22, 2018
This episode is a hands-on workshop that I did on my Facebook Business page. View the original FB live here:   Want to learn how to start using Google Analytics in your business? Through the questions in this workshop, I teach you how to find exactly what you need to focus on when it comes to using data to make better decisions in your business.   Send me any questions through my IG page:
Jan. 15, 2018
I’m feeling so lucky this week to interview Kristen Ley, founder and owner of Thimblepress. Kristen and I talk about how to show up authentically online, and connect with your people in a real way. She also shares how she tunes into her intuition and her creative process. Thimblepress site: Kristen's IG:   Books Kristen Mentions:   Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile   Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by Brené Brown   Hug Your Customers: The Proven Way to Personalize Sales and Achieve Astounding Results Hardcover by Jack Mitchell     Chat system Kristen and Thimblepress uses:  
Jan. 8, 2018
Talking to Sasha is always leads to an insightful (and fun!) conversation. This is actually the second time we get to chat (our first convo is back in ep 44 where we talk about her second book Quirkyalone).   This time around we get into how to get grounded in what you want before going out there to look for new opportunities, whether it be in the professional field or personal. We talk about her revolutionary Pussy walk (listen to hear all about it!) and both of our experiences of using this tool to show up with a bigger and stronger presence in all parts of life.   Go to to sign up for Sasha’s newsletter.
Jan. 1, 2018
Another awesome episode with Liz Lockwood of the Resilient and Inspired Entrepreneur ( We go through some tips to cut overthinking and how to get a great start to the new year. Want to hear me talk about something? Reach out to me via IG:  
Dec. 25, 2017
I can't believe we are on to the last Tech News episode of the year. It's been quite a year and we do a roundup in this episode of our top 5 themes/stories that we felt changed how we interact with technology in our day to day lives. Want to interact with us? Leave a comment or review in your fav podcasting app. You can also go to Twitter @shulfie or Instagram @digimorphs. Get more information about the podcast at
Dec. 18, 2017
This week I'm talking about what conscious growth means to me and why I think it's important for all businesses to think about how they define growth and success in their business. Check out my Homegrown Traffic course here:
Dec. 11, 2017
I can't believe we are reaching the end of 2017! This is a great end of year review I did with Juci of and we go through a series of questions to reflect on this year and also project what we want for 2018. Make sure to grab a pen and paper and reflect along! Get more information about my group SEO program Homegrown Traffic here: Contact me for 1:1 SEO support by emailing me directly: [email protected]
Dec. 4, 2017
This month is all about reflection for me and looking back to see how this year felt. I get this to do this with my friend Liz Lockwood ( and how we've handled our own waves in our business. Want to interact with me? Go to my Instagram (  My SEO challenge starts December 11th!:
Nov. 27, 2017
In this episode of the Tech News, here are the stories we cover:   Tesla launched their electric semi, who can potentially impact how we move goods between hubs   Cool video of meteorite :)   Eco Cycle storage concept   For the First Time, a Robot Passed a Medical Licensing Exam   Net Neutrality may be taken away by FCC   Google collects Android users’ locations even when location services are disabled   Startup Corner: PinDrop   You can contact us through Twitter @shulfie or Instagram @digimorphs.
Nov. 20, 2017
In this episode, Cinthia goes through her experience with building her new Facebook community for Techies ( and what advice she'd give to anyone who wants to build a sustainable, long-term community. All in a water boil!