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Hip Hop Riff Of The Week 50: The Dayz of Wayback

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Hip Hop Riff Of The Week 50: The Dayz of Wayback This week, we will be learning how to play the bass line to 'The Dayz of Wayback’ by N.W.A. This feel good groove is an example of great production and chop work from a great producer. I had to listen to the original sample to figure this one out, and boy was it worth it. This riff is in F sharp minor, and is a great example of how a bass line and a melody should compliment each other.Well look at that, we made it to 50! Let this episode represent a reflection of the musical journey we’ve all embarked on in the form of rhythm and bass, a look back on our growth in the past year (or in this case, 3 years ago on December 9th when the Hip Hop Riff of the Week first started), and a look towards the future. There’s always more room to grow, and grow we shall! Happy holidays and happy new year from Funky Tech Radio!Support the show! Subscribe to Funky Tech Radio on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or anywhere you enjoy your favorite podcasts! Tune in and learn!IG: @FunkyTechRadioTwitter: @FunkyTechRadioFB: Funky Tech RadioYoutube: Brainstorm Productions
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