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Are you a Chrome user, and you want to know more? Practical Chrome is a podcast all about Chrome. We explore the Chrome the web browser, Chrome OS, in an in depth manner every week. Subscribe and join us on the next episode of Practical Chrome.
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Feb. 19, 2015 · transcript
Those of you that tuned into our most recent episode will already know that Practical Chrome will soon be replaced with +Chromebooks Today. We're happy to announce that we've put together a pre-roll episode that helps to explain the transition in more detail. You can also subscribe to our brand new MP3 feed (which we promise will remain active this time!) by visiting our landing page at http:
Sept. 17, 2014
Do you develop software?  Can you do it on a Chromebook?  We take a look at how and why you might want to develop on a Chromebook.  We will take a look at some online IDEs and also see what else you can do.  The Web Starter Kit might just be the beginning! Also in the news Disney is now on Chromecast, and Dropbox is coming to your Chromebook! Video URL:
Sept. 10, 2014
Nothing but the news this week. With reviews of the new Nvidia K1 chipset, Microsoft releasing a version of Windows with Bing, Apple's iPhone/iWatch announcements, there couldn't be more to talk about except the news! Plus Craig got a Moto 360! Video URL: Audio Download: mp3  |  Subscribe: MP3 - iTunes - TuneIn - Stitcher Radio - Show Notes
Sept. 3, 2014
Lenovo officially sets it sights on the consumer market with the touchable and convertible N20p. With industry leading enterprise computers, can Lenovo produce a low end Chromebook? They have produced expensive heavy duty Thinkpads like the x31 and the new 11e for the education market, but with this model they are more Chromebook like. Inexpensive, light, good battery life, but with
Aug. 27, 2014
Where is the line between privacy and safety when it comes to kids and schools? Should they monitor a child's computer at all times, even when not in school? Should they be able to activate the microphone and/or camera at any time? We will debate this issue and how extensions from companies selling administrative software allow this type of tracking in Chromebooks. Video URL: http://
Aug. 20, 2014
Don't let them fool you, Chromebooks might just be the exact computer you are looking for when it comes to back to school shopping. With awesome deals available on the most popular models we will highlight some of the reasons Chromebooks are the choice for a laptop purchase right now. Also in the new Acer reveals a new breed of ARM based Chromebook, Senkatel gets into the education
Aug. 6, 2014
We have had many operating systems since the time of the computer began. From DOS to Windows, Mac OS to OS X, users have come to know and love some trusted friends. So why Chrome OS, what is the reason? Do we need another OS, a different kind of OS? We tackle this exciting subject with special guest Ara Wagoner on this episode of Practical Chrome. Video URL:
July 30, 2014
In part 2 of the crouton challenge, we find out how John, Craig and James fared.  How difficult was each install?  Were any Chromebooks harmed in the process?  In the end what were the pros and cons of sideloading/dual booting another linux distro on a Chrome OS device? Also in the news we wish the Chromecast a happy birthday, Free Chromecasts with more free stuff… and Chrome Beta for
July 23, 2014
A few brave tech savvy folks have installed another distribution of Linux next to Chrome OS, but why?  In the first of a two part episode we will go over the details of what, why and how users install another Linux on their Chromebooks.  We will go over the steps that we are going to follow before returning next week to report on how it all works. Also in the news Dell is now taking
July 16, 2014
This week on Practical Chrome we look at the difference between ARM and x86 processors.  With more models coming out containing both chips which one should you choose?  Is one better than the other?  We will answer these questions and look to the future of chips on this episode. Also in the news OS competitor is vying for the sub $250 laptop market, the handwriting is on the wall... Chrome

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