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Dec. 23, 2014
It's our first Christmas special on the Catholic Cast and we couldn't be more excited! John, Brent and Amber tell you why they love the Christmas season, how we can share that Christmas joy throughout the year and why saying Yes to God as Christ did is as powerful for us today as it was 2,000 years ago. Join us for this special edition of the Catholic Cast on Spreaker radio.
Dec. 8, 2014
Today's Catholic Cast maybe be better titled The Mass Cast cause it's an episode all about the mass. Deacon Mark Mitchell will teach us all about the different parts of the Catholic liturgy, why we do the things that we do and why we experience heaven on earth at every single mass. You don't want to miss it!
Dec. 1, 2014
Today marks the first Sunday of Advent, a season to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. On this edition of the Catholic Cast, Fr. Paul Rainville joins us to talk about the importance of the season, why Catholics celebrate it the way they do and how we can prepare our hearts for Christ's coming. It's at a special time of 730pET Sunday only on the Catholic Cast.
Nov. 25, 2014
Jesus performed many miracles on earth but it didn't stop there. Those same miracles are happening in our world today. On the next Catholic Cast, the gang looks back at how those miracles are coming alive for them and how you can recognize them in your walk with the Lord. It's at a special time Monday at 7pmET only on the Catholic Cast.
Nov. 17, 2014
We are all called to build us the kingdom of God and have each been given specific spiritual gifts to help us do that. On the next Catholic Cast, the gangs shares how their spiritual gifts have helped them on their journey and how you can find and use your gifts to bring God's love to the world around us.
Nov. 10, 2014
When the going gets tough, the tough get God! On the next Catholic Cast Sunday at 7pmET, John, Brent and Amber share what tools people of faith can use to combat some of the spiritual attacks that they face on their journey with Christ. We'll also share how our faith community has helped us take up our crosses and how we find joy in living out of message of the gospel. It's all on the Catholic Cast on Spreaker radio.
Nov. 2, 2014
There's a saint for that! On this solemnity of All Saints, it's very comforting to know that those saints in heaven had the same challenges that we do in our everyday lives and tackled them in tremendous ways. On this edition of the Catholic Cast, John, Brent and Amber share which saints are currently helping them in their spiritual walk and how you can be guided by the saints in your journey as well
Oct. 26, 2014
On tonight's show, a group of missionaries from St. Thomas the Apostle just returned from serving the poorest of the poor in Kingston, Jamaica. The trip's director Brian Durham tells us why serving those in need give him so much joy.