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The Target Girl

By Lauren LeBouef
Fashion, Beauty, Health, Life.. TARGET! Lauren talks on these topics while including her recent favorite finds from Target! Follow along to find out more from her Target loving guests that she interviews in hopes to share tips, tricks, and Target finds.
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The Rare Watch Man

By Debbie Nigro
The Man the World Watches in the Watch World. Roberto of Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, CT.
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Repeat Customer

By Zendesk
Why do we have nothing but love for some brands—and, hate others with a passion? Repeat Customer is all about examining truly great customer experiences: How companies create them, and why superfans love them so much. CEOs, chief customer officers, and industry experts reveal the inside stories of how iconic companies rose to prominence by solving pain points, reimagining touch points, disrupting traditional business models, and staking their entire success on inventive, customer-focused appr...
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iShopDavie Podcast

By Davie County Chamber of Commerce
Our mission is to enhance the positive local buying experiences for the residents and visitors of Davie County in North Carolina. Each week, host Chuck Taylor welcomes innovative local business leaders who provide great customer service and quality business products.
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Frugal Friends | Using Frugality to Save Money, Spend Less, Pay off Debt, Improve Your Finances & Reach Financial Independence

By Jen Smith & Jill Sirianni
The podcast to help you save money on things you need, spend less on the rest, and embrace frugality without being cheap.
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The Real State of Retail

By Jayson Siano & Russel Helbling
Welcome to The Real State of Retail podcast. We are your hosts Jayson Siano and Russel Helbling. We are Retail and Real Estate experts that focus on emerging concepts in the food, fitness, and wellness sectors, with a flare for social media and digital marketing. In this podcast, we will be discussing the post-internet impact on the Retail and Real Estate industries. Each episode will feature inspirational guests and thought leaders in their respective fields giving input on how they bel...
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Jewelry Navigator

By Brenna Pakes
Gems & Unique Jewelry for Shoppers Who Want to Stand Out Beyond Trends
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Beyond the Frontpage

By Slickdeals
The Slickdeals podcast will feature conversations and tips around shopping that will hopefully help you save some money in the future. Hosts Johan and Andrew share not only their own opinions, knowledge and experience, but also insights from the 10 million people who use Slickdeals on a monthly basis. If you want to learn how to stretch your dollars further and have some fun in the process, this is the podcast for you.
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SeedTime Living: Money & Entrepreneurship for Christians

By Bob Lotich
I am Bob Lotich and I have spent the last decade of my life learning: how to best pay off debt, effective money-saving strategies, about online business and entrepreneurship (with my blog) and what the Bible says about money and finances. I want to empower Christians to have more than enough money. Why you ask? Because as believers, we can use our money to impact eternity and I would rather fund the kingdom than pay interest to a bank. How about you? If you want inspiration and practical ...
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By WegFans Podcast
The unofficial podcast for fans of the best grocery store in the world, Wegmans!
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Attention Shoppers

By Avenues Dry Goods
A podcast about the wild and wonderful world of small business and independent retail, hosted by the owners of Avenues Dry Goods.
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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

A brand new podcast that investigates the bold claims being made by promising products. Joined by experts and the general public, Greg Foot and his mate Andy go in search of the evidence to find out if these wonder products really are the best thing since sliced bread? Seen a promising product with a bold claim? We'll search for the evidence. Check us out at and get in touch on twitter @SlicedBreadPod, on Facebook /SlicedBreadPod, or at slicedbreadpod[at]
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Wake-Up Lights

a year ago · transcript

Car Buying Tips with Charles Maund's Toyota

By Chris Martinez
Tune in with Chris Martinez as he educates you on how to be well prepared when buying a new car. Chris will talk about financing, gap insurance, and much more with some of the most knowledgeable Sales Representatives at Charles Maund Toyota, and provide you with real life experiences. Stay tuned, you don't want to miss it!
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Episode 46

a month ago

Monocle 24: The Essence of Luxury

By Monocle
What do Christie’s auction house, Dom Pérignon and Conrad hotels & resorts have in common? In this special series of panel discussions we unpick the meaning of luxury and ask experts from hospitality, retail and travel to shed light on how consumers are changing and what brands can do to remain relevant.
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Redefining luxury

7 months ago · transcript

Mister Gadget by Radio Number One

By Luca Viscardi
Una punta alla settimana, con la raccolta delle rubriche trasmesse da Radio Number One, curate da Luca Viscardi e
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The Procurement Revolution 2016

By Philip Ideson
The Procurement Revolution 2016 was a virtual, global, multi-media movement aimed at getting procurement professionals to stand up, speak out, and drive change and was co-organized by Philip Ideson of Art of Procurement and Kelly Barner of Buyers Meeting Point. Over the course of 5 days in September 2016, 40 Revolutionaries from both within and outside the procurement profession. delivered 5 live Q&A webinars and over 50 unique pieces of audio, video, and written content. What you are abo...
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Dollar Saving Divas

By Dollar Saving Divas
Each podcast, Kelly and Leslie give you the inside scoop on the greatest deals around Central Ohio. It's luxury for less! Comments on the show? Ideas for the ladies for future podcasts? Leave us a comment! The best way to spread the word is to subscribe to our show, give us a rating and comment. email: [email protected] FB: An affiliate podcast of the Circle270Media Network -
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Eleventh Candle Co.

2 days ago

スタイリスト大山 旬の最強の「服選び」

By スタイリスト大山 旬の最強の「服選び」
スタイリスト大山 旬がプライベートやビジネスで役立つ服選びの法則をお届けします。
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Ethical Hour Podcast

By Ethical Hour - Sian Conway
Learn how to live and work more ethically, create an ethical lifestyle around your personal values and grow a business with positive impact. If you're an ethical business owner, blogger or consumer wanting to connect with like-minded people, learn about the latest ethical issues and find practical advice and support, then tune in for tips from #EthicalHour Founder Sian Conway. Brought to you by #EthicalHour - the world's largest online ethical support network.
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