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Axe of the Blood God: USgamer's Official RPG Podcast

By USgamer
USgamer's official RPG podcast! Kat Bailey explores WRPGs, JRPGs, MMORPGs, MOBAs, tabletop RPGs, and more.
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8 Bit Book Club

By 8 Bit Book Club
The only book club that makes you dumber! Join Brian Murphy, Emily Axford, and Caldwell Tanner for a weekly chat about video game novels.
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Script Lock

By Max Folkman, Nick Folkman
Writers Max and Nick Folkman sit down with other writers and developers for an informal discussion about storytelling in video games.
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Polygon's Quality Control

By Polygon
Polygon's Quality Control is home to in-depth conversations about the latest games, movies, comics, and gear reviewed by our editorial staff. Co-hosted by Senior Reporter Charlie Hall and Guides Editor Dave Tach, each episode offers our team an opportunity to go deeper into the thinking behind their piece, and listeners an ability to learn more about their favorite entertainment franchises. If you like additional context and insight with your game and movie reviews, this is the show fo...
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The best of E3 2018

4 days ago

Sound of Play

By Cane and Rinse
The podcast about our favourite videogame soundtracks
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The Misfits Podcast

By Misfits
A gang of misfits band together to discuss their lives as YouTubers and provide a behind the scenes look at the crazy adventures they’ve had along the way.
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That Fallout Show

By We Just Love Games
That Fallout Show is a podcast all about Fallout! We will cover lore, news, gameplay, mods and much more in this bi-weekly podcast. So join us, your true Wasteland companion guides as we walk through the Fallout together. See you in the Wasteland!
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Total Gaming Podcast

By Dan Lally
Total Gaming Podcast hosted by Dan. Video game talk for grown-ups.
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OWL Things Considered - Overwatch Esports Examined

By Samuel 'Taco' Owens
A part-discussion, part-interview show with people from in and around the Overwatch League about the League, eSports and Overwatch in general. Show host Sam "Taco" Owens sits down with a guest each week to discuss a variety of Overwatch League related topics.
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By Noclip
Dispatches from the world of video games. Learn about how your favorite titles were made, discover gaming communities you couldn't have imagined, and gain a deeper appreciation for the people behind the code. Hosted by Danny O'Dwyer.
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The Weekly Call of Duty Zombies Podcast hosted by RADAUSTIN27, Johnj25, and QKnightZ
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Zombroz Episode 108

20 days ago

The PlayStation Forecast: A Video Game Podcast

By PressXtoAlex
Get the free video version at The PlayStation Forecast is your weekly deep dive and love letter to all things PlayStation every Tuesday at 9am EST.
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The Games Show

By PolarCap
Join members of the team at PolarCap every week as they discuss video games and gaming related topics.
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By Anthony Wheeler
Anthony "Nameless" Wheeler hosts "The Codcast". It is a podcast following call of duty eSports. Opinions and views are by pro players.
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Loreseekers: Elder Scrolls Online Podcast

By Loreseekers
Hello traveler, welcome to Loreseekers! Your hosts Jibbs and Kash are in their favorite Tamriel tavern, ready to take you through the wonderful adventures of the Elder Scrolls Online!
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LS #17 Argonians

3 days ago

Playing for Fun

By Relay FM
Listen to two best friends talk about a video game they love. What makes it so special, and hard to put down? They’re only Playing for Fun — so it’s just the good stuff, none of the bad stuff. Hosted by Myke Hurley and Tiffany Arment.
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Montcast - Video game news and Esports

By Montscot832
video games news, reviews and esports. Episodes are released every Friday
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Episode 19

10 days ago


By WarpZone
Volte aos anos 80 e 90 com o WarpCast, o podcast da WarpZone.
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Amerime Junkies

By Amerime Junkies
We discuss everything that's nerd culture. From video games, anime, comics, manga, and movies and everything in between. Come fly with us we don't know where we're going but we know it wont be boring.
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By X-Stream
A podcast where we dig deep and analyze your favourite video games!
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