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The Trail Talk Podcast

By Anthony Fanucci: Trail Dogs Founder
The Trail Talk Podcast is the first podcast dedicated to adventuring with dogs. Join us as we blend passion for the outdoors with a love for dogs, all in order to educate and inspire our listeners. The Trail Talk Podcast was started purely based on one life-changing year spent with one life-changing dog and a personal mission to keep his purpose alive. Together we will dive into interviews, adventure tips, gear reviews and more as we explore the incredible world of adventuring with a dog.
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Legion OST - DIY Outdoors Podcast

By Legion OST - DIY Outdoors Podcast
We are avid outdoorsman who enjoy anything that presents an adventure in the great outdoors. Our goal is to inspire our community to be better outdoorsman, better hunters and better people in our everyday lives. "Live this life of adventure, tell the stories of your own and become L.O.S.T in the great outdoors."
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Steep Magazine Adventures

By Steep Magazine
From stunning private scuba dives to exhilarating guided heli skiing, there are countless adventures waiting for those with the means to enjoy them. Discover your next world-class voyage here. Be sure to visit to see many more stories and subscribe to our exclusive Steep Magazine newsletter.
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Long Range Pursuit

By Gunwerks
Long Range Pursuit Podcast, presented by Gunwerks, is the authoritative podcast on all things surrounding the science and techniques of long range hunting and shooting. Aaron Davidson and the Gunwerks crew along with a variety of industry expert guests discuss long range and precision rifle topics from hunting to competition tactics, ballistics, gun setup, gear selection, product design, gunsmithing, bullet performance, and a whole lot more.
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alabama saltwater fishing report

By Butch Thierry and Joe Baya
The Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report is the Gulf Coast's first and only podcast that brings you the REAL fishing report whether it's good, bad, or ugly. Come along with Butch Thierry and Joe Baya as they interview the best fisherman in the area, covering every saltwater species whether you are pier and shore fisherman or you chase pelagics in bluewater. Every episode is packed with the weekly report and forecast as well as pearls of wisdom shared by our expert contributors. All of this comes ...
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Take It From Me

These are the people who took a hard left. Traded in their chips and changed their minds – all in the name of fresh air. And to get inside the minds of these enterprising misfits, we are letting them interview each other. Each week, student becomes teacher, interviewee becomes interviewer, grasshopper becomes… bigger grasshopper.
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Ben and Bikes

By Ben Lockett
A podcast about bikes, but way more about the people that ride them and their stories than frame size, the latest shock technology and the Tour de France.
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Backpacking Light Podcast

The Backpacking Light Podcast explores the technology, gear, skills, and philosophy of backcountry wilderness travel through stories, interviews, and investigative reports.
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Pace Brothers - Into The Wilderness Podcast

By The Pace Brothers
Pace Brothers- Into The Wilderness podcast is the first podcast from the U.K. to tackle country issues, hunting, fishing, shooting and wildlife management. This is the place to hear debate on the latest issues. We will introduce you to the very people at the forefront of sculpting the landscape we all enjoy. Topics will be wide ranging, from those close to home to international issues half a world away.
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Inside Bassmaster Podcast

By B.A.S.S.
A look at topics and stories from inside Bassmaster headquarters to include in-depth Fantasy discussion, magazine previews, overlooked tournament stories and tactics and so much more.
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Top End Moto Podcast

By Jesse Jones
The vision of Top End Moto is to bring a very passionate and diverse group of dirt bike riders together to learn from one another and continue to support each other. Top End Moto is based in Northern California. It is a podcast that brings relevant riding, fitness and tech tips to passionate motocross riders. Top End focuses on creating episodes that give information that will be useful to all riders beginner, novice and professional. Within each episode Top End will focus on facilitating in...
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Birdchick Podcast

By Sharon Stiteler and Bill Stiteler
Sharon Stiteler, the Birdchick, talks about the latest in birding news.
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The DogBone Pawdcast

By The DogBone Pawdcast
Join Jeremy & Stephanie Moore for a relaxed style, Q&A conversation where they answer questions on training and raising your dogs into well-mannered companions not only in the field, but in your home. The DogBone style of training emphasizes a low pressure, positive approach that allows you to maximize your dogs potential in a natural way without the use of force, fear tactics or avoidance training. For more information on their company DogBone, visit or search @...
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The Training For Ultra Podcast

By Training For Ultra - Rob
The Training For Ultra Podcast - Weekly inspiration to get you out the door to run! Mix of elite interviews with mid to back of the pack runners who inspire. Might include other amazing people too. Whether you are just starting to run or are a seasoned pro, everyone should find something interesting in this podcast. Let's start training for ultra!
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By Alaska Public Media
Podcast by Alaska Public Media
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Short Course

By Ben Berry
A Podcast about Practicing, USPSA, and Practical Shooting
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#12: Stoeger Class

4 days ago

Downtime - The Mountain Biking Podcast

By Downtime MTB - An Average Mountain Bike Rider
On the Downtime Podcast, we speak to athletes, trainers, mechanics and many others, to take us behind the scenes of downhill and enduro mountain biking, and give you some hints and tips to help you improve your own MTB riding. Give it a listen and we're confident you'll find something to help you go faster and have more fun on your mountain bike! Don't forget to subscribe, give us a review, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with new episodes.
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The Grit! with Chas Smith

By David Lee Scales
The Grit! is a twice monthly show co-hosted by David Lee Scales and Chas Smith discussing the most scintillating headlines from the surf world. Part of the Surf Splendor Network.
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50 Campfires : Daily Outdoor

By 50 Campfires / Anchor
Daily Outdoor is a bi-weekly roundup of camping & outdoors tips, tricks, gear, interviews and more. Hosted by Nick and Clint from 50 Campfires, this show is part Wayne's World, part public access - but all authentic. We hope you'll enjoy hanging out around our campfire with us!
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Callaway Podcasts

By Callaway Golf
This is the official Soundcloud page of all Callaway Golf podcasts.
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