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Marriage After God

By Aaron & Jennifer Smith
Marriage After God is a weekly Podcast hosted by Aaron and Jennifer Smith, authors of Husband After God and Wife After God. This podcast is intended to encourage, inspire, and challenge Christian couples to chase after God together and to cultivate an extraordinary marriage. Each episode will focus on relevant marriage issues including intimacy, healthy living, boundaries, pornography, biblical living, tips for families and more. Stay tuned each week for awesome marriage encouragement.
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Spirit Stories

By Crossroads Church
A storytelling podcast where everyday people share their close encounters with the spiritual. When we engage the spirit realm alongside God, he uses it to grow and strengthen our faith.
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Graceology with Gwen Smith

By Gwen Smith
Graceology is hosted by Christian author, speaker and worship leader, Gwen Smith who shares fun, faith-focused, grace-filled interview-style conversations. Prepare to be inspired with practical tips and honest discussions that will help you to know and trust God more. Each episode will encourage your heart in meaningful ways to live out and lean on the grace of Jesus in the midst of cluttered, messy days.
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Ask Father Josh

By Ascension
Ask Fr. Josh is the podcast where I hear you out and do my best to help you navigate the tricky times in life when our Catholic Faith doesn’t give you an easy “fill-in-the blank” answer. On this show, we’ll listen to one another, problem solve together, and ultimately entrust everything to our Lord. If this is your first time tuning in, here’s how the show goes: Each episode, I'll address three to four of your questions. I’ll cover everything from Catholic teaching to moral dilemmas to relati...
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First15 Devotional

By Craig Denison, First15
First15 is a daily devotional written and read by Craig Denison. Each day, the devotional features scripture, a devotional thought, guided prayer, and action steps. The music was written and produced by Craig Denison. For more information, please visit
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Moms in Prayer Podcast

By Moms in Prayer, Int'l
The Moms in Prayer Podcast is a place where we put our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world so we can better pray for and equip the next generation. Our focus will always be revival and spiritual awakening in our children, our schools, and our motherhood.
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Growth Project Radio

By Robert Houghton
Growing Disciples By Soundly Rooting Them In God's Word. We discuss everything from Theology to Current events all through a Biblical Worldview. Weekly LIVE Bible Q&A
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David, Warts and All

19 hours ago

Almost Heretical

By Tim Ritter & Nate Hanson
Two ex-pastors (Nate Hanson and Tim Ritter) daring to question the so-called orthodoxy of American evangelicalism. Conversations on faith, the Bible, church and more. (Email us: [email protected])
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Pray the Word with David Platt

By Radical
Short, daily meditations on God’s Word that not only drive us to pray, but drive how we pray. Featuring teacher, author, and pastor David Platt.
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Indispensable Truth with Lina C.

By Lina C.
Join educator, producer, and writer Lina C. as she exposes the relentless truth about Christianity, church lies, traditions, and fictitious doctrines that have many Christians on the fast track to hell. If you have any questions or if you enjoy this teaching ministry please take a moment to let us know how this ministry is impacting your life by emailing Lina at [email protected]
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Havilah Cunnington

By Havilah Cunnington
Havilah is a wife, mother of 4 boys, author, communicator, and friend. She is a pastor at Bethel Church and founder of Truth To Table. Recently she began online Bible studies hoping to inspire the world from her kitchen table and reaching thousands through her books Radical Growth, I Do Hard Things, and The Good Stuff.
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The Tightrope: Reflections for Busy Catholics

By Ascension
The Catholic podcast where we take three to five minutes to see and embrace the opportunities embedded in our busy, messy lives that are meant to help us move towards heaven. Together, we walk the tension between living this life fully while being on our way to the next.
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Two Hands

3 days ago

Man Up - The Sorted Magazine Podcast

By Steve Legg & Friends
Steve Legg and friends and a heady mix of banter, bromance and all things blokey
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Man Up - World Cup

8 days ago

Minute in the Word

By David Evans
The journey from being a student to a disciple
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The Alli Worthington Show

By Alli Worthington
Author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mom to five sons, Alli Worthington, hosts her show built on one simple premise- bring on people she loves, respects and wants to learn from. You will love the fun interview-style conversations followed by coaching time where Alli answers listener questions about faith, business, and life. Alli is also the author of Breaking Busy, Fierce Faith, and The Year of Living Happy. She loves speaking at conferences about faith, business, and living life well.
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Going Beyond Ministries with Priscilla Shirer

By Going Beyond Ministries with Priscilla Shirer
Official ITunes page of Going Beyond Ministries with @PriscillaShirer. Follow for spiritual growth and encouragement. Ephesians 3:20-21
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Your Move with Andy Stanley Podcast

By Andy Stanley
Welcome to the Your Move with Andy Stanley podcast. In this weekly 30-minute message from Andy, you will discover how to make better decisions and live with fewer regrets. So check out our website at for additional ways to watch, listen, and connect.
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"I Owe Who"

4 days ago


By Gather Ministries
Rush, created by Justin and Jennifer Camp, authors of the popular devotionals, WiRE and Loop, and co-founders of Gather Ministries, is the resource you need to galvanize your relationship with God. It’s designed specifically for men and women who want to encounter the breath of God and practice responding to Him in their lives. Practical and prophetic, simple and counter-cultural, each episode will include: (1) a hook designed to grab your attention (2) a portion of Scripture to challenge, en...
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By Ian Morgan Cron
Welcome to Typology, a podcast that explores the mystery of the human personality and how we can use the Enneagram typing system as a tool to become our most authentic selves. Hosted by author, speaker, and counselor, Ian Morgan Cron, Typology features interviews with recognized Enneagram teachers, bestselling authors, psychologists, theologians, artists, business leaders, neuroscientists, and others who are using the Enneagram as a path for personal transformation.
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Too Long; Didn't Read

By Crossroads Church
Too Long; Didn’t Read is an irreverant look at a reverant book… it’s a podcast about the The Bible. This season, we’re uncovering the stories you didn’t learn in preschool. These aren’t cute. There aren’t coloring pages for them. They’re violent; weird; scandalous. And they’re part of the Bible for a reason. Wonder why? So do we.
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