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Sound + Process deconstructs new electronic and experimental works through conversations with their composers. These artists all belong to the online community lines ( Hosted and produced by Dan Derks.
NOT 97 is a home for discovering new music from talented, under-the-radar artists around the world. This is not a podcast. This is not a radio show. This is NOT 97.
K-Pop Daebak is a show that spotlights K-pop’s best new music of the week with commentary from K-pop artist & host, Eric Nam. The music gets the convo started, Eric's insight and stories get you hooked!
In season 1, the band guide us through their dark but hopeful album, 'Boxer'.
Kyle Meredith With... is an interview series in which WFPK's Kyle Meredith speaks to a wide breadth of musicians. Meredith digs deep into the artist's work to find out how the music is made and where their journey is going, from legendary artists ...
Decomposed breaks down the stories that have shaped classical music, from secrets and scandals to sheer acts of genius. Hear these stories accompanied by the symphonies, operas and other masterpieces they inspired. Hosted by Jade Simmons, a classi...
The show that lasts several minutes.
Caleb Pressley is college football's first ever Supervisor of Morale. Adam Ferrone (Rone) is the two-time defending battle rap champion of the world. They're some happy guys. On Young and Happy, Caleb and Rone dive into the notion that everything ...
Welcome to a new chh news podcast. CHH is a Christian hip-hop genre, I'm here to bring attention to this genre of hophop, why?! Well it's cause it's a growing genre and talented artists and amazing albums. Here you will get everyday news on artist...
Signal Co. No1 presents Past Is Prologue, Pixies, an unmissable podcast series coming in June. As Pixies create their new album at Dreamland studios near Woodstock, NY, acclaimed music journalist Tony Fletcher reveals their story. Through d...
Rhett Miller, musician and frontman for the Old 97s, hosts “Wheels Off” a show about the messy reality of the creative life. Conversations with musicians, writers, artists, actors, and comedians about the pivotal moments that shaped their work, wh...
Each episode showcases a classic clawhammer banjo song. To practice along with the songs from the show, or to learn how to play clawhammer banjo, head to

Greasy String

Jon Brantingham talks about everything related to music composition, music theory, and creativity, to get you started on the right foot while learning to compose. Discover what you need to be doing to consistently grow as a budding composer, what ...
The show is a tour through the labyrinth of composition, music theory, computer music, ethnomusicology, acoustics, synthesis and many related subjects of interest to music lovers, from experienced musicians to anyone interested in making music who...
This podcast features free audio guitar lessons that teach music theory for guitar. Listeners learn how scales, chords, progressions, modes, and more get applied to the fretboard and familiar songs. This includes a focus on compositional and impro...
Come alongside your host, Jeremiah Tabb, as we navigate the dangerous waters of music theory! Through descriptive lessons, real-time audio examples, and interviews with successful musicians of all kinds, anybody can learn the secrets of music.
What tools can a pop song use to affect us psychologically to make us like the songs more? We'll take a look at everything from music theory, to linguistics, to rhetoric, to applied psychology.
The Bollywood Theory podcast delivers a unique take on Bollywood films, South Asian music, and various topics related to the industry. From commercial entertainers to indie cinema, our tastes are as varied as our personalities. We like to keep it ...
***Named one of "The 11 Best Podcasts for Exploring Music Theory Concepts on the Go" by Soundfly. The DrumMantra Podcast is all about going deeper with your practice with music & drumming. The goal is to advance the listener's confidence, ...
Ever wondered why some people seem to have a gift for music? Have you wished that you could play by ear, sing in tune, improvise and jam? You are in the right place. The Musicality Podcast is a mix of interviews and teaching, featuring some of th...


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