Best Language Learning Podcasts

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In this podcast, we highlight fun but underused words, explain their usage and origin, provide real-life conversational examples for each, and generally have a good time.
왜 우리는 영어공부 방법에 대해서 고민하지 않았을까? 혹시 “열심히”라는 이름에 가려 잘못된 방법으로 계속 고집스럽게 밀어붙여온건 아닐까? 그럼 이제는 호스트 앤드류와 함께 방법을 봐꿔보자 여기 영어왕들의 영어 마스터 비법들이 매주 월요일 목요일 두번씩 쏟아진다.
Learn Thai Language Course. Online and on the go!
Learn French listening to French podcasts made by French teacher Pierre. You can often have the podcast transcripts in the BLOG . Whenever there is a transcript available, I will put the blog post URL in the podcast ...
German for advanced intermediate learners: Join Andreas and his mysterious ex on their exciting adventures. Grammar: Past tense, subordinate clauses, declination of adjectives. [English Version]
Spanish Para Todos Podcast is designed especially for people who have taken one or two courses in Spanish, perhaps in high school or college, but want to improve their listening and speaking skills. These podcasts are free, and hosted by Dr. Jeff...
Learn Russian language from a Russian online tutor at your own pace. Natalia teaches via Skype and other video chat services. Russian lessons are tailor-made for all students. Experience authentic Russian pronunciation, see Russian alphabet writte...
Byte-sized French files for travel and beginners. See the English while you hear the French of a native speaker.
BrazilianPodClass is a free podcast for those who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. It is released once a week, for all levels with focus on conversation, vocabulary, grammar and popular expressions.
Secciones en Españoleando: Famoseando Tertulias Bla Bla Bla Con La Gente Que Me Gusta Viajando como Reyes NO-DO Mundo Mundial Gastronomía Arte y Cultura Legal Información para Emigrados
Españolistos is a Spanish language learning Podcast spoken in clear Latin American Spanish geared towards intermediate to advanced language learners. The conversations are 99% in Spanish so you can focus on your listening comprehension. The top...
For students and teachers of German as a foreign language. A new and comprehensive approach to one of Europe's major languages. From the producers of Learn French by Podcast.
Brazilian Portuguese Podcast is back! Now powered by Really Learn Portuguese. Our goal is to produce great posts and podcasts to really help people learn Portuguese language and Brazilian culture in a fun and simple way.
In Brazil, the term língua da gente (literally 'language of the people') refers to the way that people actually talk in everyday speech. And that, in essence, is the object behind this series. We hope to provide practical lessons that demonstrat...


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