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Welcome to Drone Chat a monthly podcast dedicated to Informing, Educating and sometimes amusing our listeners about all things UAV and drone related. In this short trailer, we will explain who you will hear and what we are planning to chat about ...
LightSport Man Talks about LSA and about the Sport Pilot Aviation world. Tune in for each session and learn about Light Sport Planes and Aviation.
Welcome to Plane Spoken, the podcast that takes you through everything you need to know about becoming a Private Pilot – starting from the very basics! Whether you’re interested in learning how to fly, or you are about to take your checkride, you’...
Whiskey Fox Aviation: Entertaining broadcast on Space & Aviation news, interviews with icons in the industry, and informative reviews on top resources in the biz! New shows are posted every Monday

Hurricane Irma

Plane Talk with Thomas and Clay explores the ever expanding aviation community. Bringing industry professionals to expand and share the wonderful world of Aviation. Follow Us on Instagram Clay - @claytonlittlepilot Thomas - @thomass_335 Support ...
Air show announcers Ric Peterson, Rob Reider and Matt Jolley talk about air shows and the people that make them happen.
Achtung! Achtung!Comedian Al Murray and historian James Holland are creating a new podcast all about the Second World War.We Have Ways of Making You Talk will be a weekly show exploring the war in close up. The two men will tell battlefield tales ...
A new series from Monocle 24 chronicling and celebrating all that was good about commercial-airline travel in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. We’ll hear about technological developments and engineering innovators, meet the fearless individuals in boar...
An aviation podcast from Flightradar24, the world’s most popular flight tracking service.
Soaring the sky is an aviation podcast all about the adventures of flying sailplanes and many other aircraft we love to fly. Join Chuck as he shares his adventures and talks with other aviators around the globe. You never know who my be the next g...
Recount an exciting chapter in aviation history and the beginnings of the Air Line Pilots Association, the world's largest pilot union and nongovernmental air safety organization, through an abridged retelling of the book by George E. Hopkins, "Fl...
Modern, engaging, and unique, Aviation LO Down is the official podcast of David Lombardo, also known by his operating initials, LO. Full of the passion, humor, and the famous improvisational style found on many of his past social media projects, A...
Welcome to the AvGeek Chronicles Podcast, hosted by pilot and aviation enthusiast Colin Hodges. On this podcast you will find a plethora of audio experiences from first hand insight into training that he goes through, interviews with fellow millen...
An original aviation podcast, hosted by your friendly air traffic controller Derek Vento.
4 (Student) Pilots hangar flying about their experiences with flight training and enjoying all things aviation.
Are you looking to have a successful drone business? Join The Drone Trainer, Chris Anderson, as he interviews other successful drone pilots from around the world. In these weekly interviews, you'll hear about everything from marketing your drone b...
The Alert 5 Podcast brings you the latest news of your favorite combat flight simulators. We will discuss the history, knowledge, and tactics of old and modern air combat. We welcome you and your feedback!


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