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Want to Stay Ahead of the Cannabis Industry? Listen to These Podcasts

8 months ago · "As the contemporary cannabis culture collides with the evolving cannabis industry, independent cannabis media is also evolving to include more and higher quality podcasts."
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Shaping Fire

By Shango Los
Shaping Fire is the cannabis industry's leading podcast on cannabis innovation and industry disruption. Subscribe now so you don't miss a single episode.
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CannaInsider - Interviews with the Leaders of The Legal Cannabis - Marijuana Industry

By Matthew Kind
Matthew Kind from the website CannaInsider provides weekly interviews with the leading voices of the rapidly growing Cannabis, Marijuana Industry. Listen in and learn as visionaries discuss the trends and technology that are shaping the industry. Each week you’ll learn about; what is going on in The Marijuana Industry, what states are legalizing and when, what jobs are being created by both recreational and Medical Marijuana (MMJ) legalization, ways to invest in cannabis businesses, and fun a...
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The Podcast

By Ganjapreneur
Ganjapreneur is a cannabis business resource. Our podcast gives us an opportunity to speak directly with the stakeholders, cultivators, experts, and activists on the front line of the legal cannabis industry.
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The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville

By Russ Belville
The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville is a live weekly 30-minute podcast of news, analysis, statistics, polls, science, and interviews concerning marijuana legalization worldwide.
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Vermontijuana - Elevate the State

By Eli Harrington
ELEVATE THE STATE. Host Eli Harrington and interviewees will regularly discuss cannabis politics, hemp, medical marijuana, the cannabis industry, and the leaders shaping marijuana legalization and culture in Vermont and around the entire world. Visit to learn more about the state's cannabis network...
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