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7 Great Marriage Podcasts for Couples

3 months ago · "We have listened to a lot of marriage podcasts, but below are the marriage podcasts we mostly listen to."
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First Year Marriage Show: Marriage Advice | Newlyweds | Engaged Couples | Relationships

By Marcus and Ashley Kusi: Marriage Coaches for Newlyweds
Newlyweds, lets be honest, the first year of marriage can be a very challenging year. But if it is seen as a transitional year, you can use it to build a strong foundation for your marriage and relationship. This podcast is dedicated to newlyweds and couples in their first few years of marriage. Even if you are past your first few years of marriage, engaged, in a relationship, or simply interested in marriage, you will learn something new with this podcast. Marcus and Ashley will be shar...
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ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show | Sex. Love. Commitment.

By Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo
Is your marriage everything that you want it to be? Are you ready to make a change? Join Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo to create a strong marriage so you can have mind-blowing intimacy inside and outside the bedroom. Marriage is not always easy but it's so worth it. Come and make your marriage EXTRAORDINARY!
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The Stupendous Marriage Show: Marriage Advice | Christianity | Relationships

By Stu & Lisa Gray: Marriage Speakers and Relationship Coaches
The Stupendous Marriage Show encourages, challenges and inspires married couples! Check out to grab 229 conversation starters for your marriage! (Totally free!)
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Sexy Marriage Radio

By Dr. Corey Allan
Straight-forward, honest conversations about what goes on behind closed doors in your marriage. Turn on Sexy!
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How Do I Money? With Derek & Carrie | Pay off Debt | Budget | Save Money | Grow your net worth | Personal Finance | Debt Free

By Derek & Carrie
The most outrageous money podcast on the planet. Join hosts Derek & Carrie as we figure out how to money. Get out of debt faster. Build a better budget. Track and grow your net worth.
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Confessions of a Terrible Husband: Lessons Learned from a Lumpy Couch!

By Nick Pavlidis
Confessions of a Terrible Husband is a marriage podcast for people who are looking for real advice from the trenches and who are committed to taking personal responsibility over improving their relationships. Hear Nick Pavlidis talk all things marriage and life and interview people like Fawn Weaver from The Happy Wives Club, John G. Miller, of QBQ, Inc., Dan Miller and Joanne Miller of 48 Days to the Work You Love, Derek and Carrie Olsen from Better Conversations, Marcus and Ashley Kusi from...
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Marriage More Podcast - Making Your Marriage More - Relationships | Couples | Intimacy | Christian |

By Jeff and Mandy Rose
Jeff and Mandy Rose have been married for over a decade and they've been through it all. Their podcast is designed to help couples make their marriage more by going through various Love Challenges.
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