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The Top 4 Divorce Podcasts for Men and Women

2 months ago · "If you are looking for ways to build a strong foundation for your new life, consider the potential benefits of these 4 phenomenal podcasts:"
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Divorce and Your Money - #1 Divorce Podcast

By Shawn Leamon, MBA, CDFA
If you are currently going through a divorce or soon will be, Divorce and Your Money is the perfect podcast for you. The author, Shawn C. H. Leamon (MBA), is a professional and well-respected financial advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. His podcast provides real-world practical advice, including tips and checklists to help women and men protect their financial interests and future.
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Divorced, Happy & Successful

By Divorce recovery, divorce and kids, divorce happiness, success and spiritual growth. Helping parents find happiness and peace after divorce every day.
My divorce podcast is a podcast created for you, parents who want to build a better life for yourself and your kids after divorce. Divorced at 35, I realized that I was miserable, confused and completely unhappy with my life. I believed I was a failure and that I was letting myself and my young son down. And I desperately wanted to change that. So I committed myself to turning my life around and figuring out how to make myself happy. Since that time I've spent thousands of hours ready, studyi...
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The Divorce Field Guide

By Ani Mason, Esq.
The Divorce Field Guide is an informational podcast for listeners who are considering, at the outset of, or in the midst of a divorce. We break the topic of divorce down into bite-sized pieces, with the goal of making your divorce process feel more manageable and clear as you go through it. Each episode covers a different topic related to divorce. You can find episode transcripts as well as a free guide to divorce on our website:
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Over Divorce - Divorce, breakups and separation recovery podcast

By Over Divorce with Adrian & Tom - Helping men cope with divorce.
Divorce is tough. Hosts Adrian and Tom interview lawyers, child psychologists, divorce coaches, parental coordinators, mediators, financial planners and other industry experts to help guys cope with their divorce. We discuss the emotional and psychological challenges facing guys who are going through Divorce, Separation and Split-ups. We give you the best insights on surviving divorce and tips how to move on with your life.
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Is It Over Yet Podcast

By Brandon Alexander & Dustin Jones
Your weekly internet oddity show. Covering topics from Murder, to Aliens, and featuring news stories you haven't already heard.
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