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The Best Podcasts for Learning Italian

4 months ago · "A wonderful way to learn foreign languages, as we’ve pointed out in other posts, is listening to podcasts in the language you’re studying. Luckily, if you’re learning Italian, there are numerous podcasts you can discover online. To help out, we’ve dug up some great websites for you. We hope you find them useful! Here are some of the best podcasts for learning Italian."
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The Coach And The Don

By Sports Al Dente
Podcast by Sports Al Dente
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Italiano Automatico Podcast

By Alberto Arrighini
Un modo facile e naturale per arrivare a parlare l'italiano come dei veri italiani! Ascoltate, scaricate i FILE PDF GRATUITI, leggete gli articoli sul sito, guardate i video e soprattutto DIVERTITEVI!!
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Maxmondo Incontro Italiano - Learn Italian !

By Maxmondo Language Learning
Learn Italian with Maxmondo - Incontro Italiano, l'audio-rivista per conoscere meglio l'italiano e l'Italia - - All about Italy in Italian - This podcast consists of a summary of the full audio version. Visit the website to subscribe to the the full audio and accompanying digital magazine with the transcript, vocabulary and exercises to help you learn Italian and get to know Italy.
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By Enrica Salvatori-Marco Della Croce
Il primo podcast italiano di storia
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15-Gli Etruschi

7 months ago

ItalianLingQ - Eating Out

By LingQ_Support
This podcast is brought to you by where you can learn languages from the best podcasts on the web. A simple dialogue which takes place in a restaurant. It is a good idea to listen many times to each part. This story is available in all languages at LingQ. You can use these versions to provide a direct translation. **note: Translations may not be 100% accurate**
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Part 1

9 years ago

Finestre sull'Arte - il primo podcast italiano per la storia dell'arte

By Federico Diamanti Giannini, Ilaria Baratta
Finestre sull'Arte - il primo podcast italiano per la storia dell'arte
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