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Top 7 Computer Podcasts for Computer Technicians

5 months ago · "There are hundreds of general computer podcasts out there, but only a small handful that specifically target the computer business. Because of that, I have compiled a list of my favorite podcasts that specifically target computer technicians, in no particular order."
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Technibble Computer Business Podcast

By Bryce Whitty
The Technibble Computer Business Podcast is dedicated to helping you succeed in the computer business with revealing interviews and actionable advice. This podcast is designed for computer technicians who are looking to start a computer business or grow their existing one. We cover topics like how to start a computer business, how to get clients and how to change your mindset from being a computer technician to becoming a computer business owner. Whether you are just starting out or already h...
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Geeksters - Podnutz

Martin and Tim Talking About The PC Repair Business
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Mike Tech Show Podcast

Technology and computer podcast discussing cool sites, software, tips and tricks that will make you more productive at home and work.
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MTS-2018-05-31 #657

22 days ago

The Call That Girl Office 365 Show

By Lisa Hendrickson
The Call That Girl Office 365 Show covers Outlook, Office 365, Business, Marketing and Social Media Topics
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The Computer Business Podcast

By Matthew Rodela and Paco Lebron
Welcome to the computer business podcast where you’ll learn how to start and grow your own successful computer business. Each episode includes tips and advice offered by the hosts, Matthew Rodela and Paco Lebron, who are both active working computer business owners. The hosts provide lessons learned, and mistakes made, as they grow their businesses. They also interview other successful IT professionals and recommend tools and resources so you can make the most out of your own computer bus...
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Podcast – IT Jetpack

By Podcast – IT Jetpack
Recordings from IT Jetpack, the live show where computer techs and IT business owners talk about issues they face every day. Each show starts with a Pre-show TED talk, and followed by an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. You can ask the panel anything, and chat with other business owners in the field. Watch live shows at
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