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5 Military Veteran Podcasts to Check Out Today

4 months ago · "We’ve gathered five great podcasts for veterans for your listening enjoyment; comment below to add your own suggestions!"
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Veteran Transition Online Podcast | Promoting Veteran Success

By Juan Perez; aka "JP" (former Army Special Forces)
Former Army Green Beret mentors transitioning veterans as they begin to blaze a new path towards career success in private industry, and in entrepreneurial efforts. Learn to plan out your next career, avoid common errors, and be successful.
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Veteran On the Move | Helping Military Veterans Transition to Entrepreneurship

By Veteran Entrepreneur Joe Crane - Guiding Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Military Veterans to Transition to Entrepreneurship and Business, John Lee Dumas, Lee Cockerell, Clay Clark
Are you a Veteran in transition, an entrepreneur wanna be or someone who’s stuck in that JOB trying to escape? Veteran on the Move is your pathfinder to freedom. Dedicated to helping military veterans transition to the exciting world of entrepreneurship. The podcast interviews military veterans that have become entrepreneurs, successful business leaders, and features programs and resources to guide veterans in their quest to become successful entrepreneurs.
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Veterans Cafe Podcast - Military Veterans and Soldiers

By Wes & Tracy McKithern
We would like to dedicate this podcast to soldiers who are currently serving or who have served in the past. Wes and Tracy are a husband and wife duo who have both served and continue to serve today. This podcast is a fun, light-hearted discussion about the relevant issues affecting soldiers and veterans alike. So sit back with a cup of joe or a beer (we know we will) and enjoy. If you would like to get involved or have a question about soldier and veteran related issues, please email us at t...
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Veteran Artist Program

By BR McDonald
To foster, encourage and promote veterans in the arts. This podcast serves as your destination to learn about the artists, leaders and organizations making a difference in the veteran artist community. After receiving a vocal performance degree, BR decided to enlist in the Army after the tragedy of September 11th. BR became an Arabic linguist and served as an operator in the Joint Special Operations Command. After many combat deployments, BR set out to create the Veteran Artist Program, a spa...
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