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2 months ago · "Today I want to share some of my favorite wedding podcasts with you for your listening pleasure! Without further ado, I invite you to take a listen!"
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Bridechilla- Wedding Planning Podcast

By Aleisha McCormack
Wedding planning the Bridechilla way is fun, easy and drama free. Hosted by your virtual bridesmaid comedian and author Aleisha McCormack, who cuts the wedding planning BS, questions old-school traditions and encourages you to plan the wedding that YOU want, not what Pinterest, wedding magazines and your mother think you should plan. Put wedstress in the f*cki it bucket, be a Chilla and get planning. Bridechilla Host Aleisha has helped thousands of Bridechilla and Groomchillas to plan their ...
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Put A Ring On It: The Wedding Planning Podcast

By Danielle Pasternak and Daniel Moyer: Wedding Professionals
The Anti-Boring Wedding Planning Podcast from Daniel Moyer and Danielle Pasternak
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Engaged, an authentic wedding planning podcast

By Kali Edwards
What REAL couples learned while planning their weddings
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