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The 10 best podcasts for EMTs, paramedics

5 months ago · "In EMS, staying up to date on the latest and greatest can be difficult; here are 10 podcasts that will keep you current and your skills sharp."
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Medic2Medic Podcast

By Steven Cohen
Medic2Medic Podcast is for EMTs, Paramedics, EMS Leaders and Medical Directors. The podcast takes a look at the person to see how they got their start in Emergency Medical Services and their dedication to the EMS profession and helping others.
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Steve McGhie

9 days ago

Within the Trenches

By Code 7 Podcast Network
A podcast based on the experience of being a 9-1-1 dispatcher.
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EMS Office Hours

By EMS Office Hours
Weekly EMS podcast from Jim Hoffman of Joined by Co-Host Josh Knapp of Join us for live discussions about timely EMS industry topics, useful services and products for paramedics and EMT's and interact with us live via Chat or call in.
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EMS Podcast

2 years ago · transcript

Core EM Podcast

By Core EM
Core Emergency Medicine
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EM Weekly's Podcast

By Todd De Voe
EM Weekly is a podcast hosted by Todd De Voe that brings news, interviews, discusses trends and issues that impact Emergency Management, first responders, military, education, public safety, communications, disaster volunteer organizations, public health, humanitarian groups, NGOs, professionals, students, and researchers.
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Medic Mindset

By Ginger Locke
Ginger Locke is a paramedic and professor of EMS students in the US. She has long been fascinated with the inner-workings of medics minds. In this podcast, she interviews medics face-to-face, in long, intimate format. She thoughtfully asks her guests to open up about their mindset, routines, mistakes, thought-processes, and lessons hard-learned. This is her creative outlet (art). She is on twitter @gingerlockeatx and show notes from each episode can be found at
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Thinking: Chest Pain

17 days ago

The Ditch Doc EM Podcast

By Owen Wood, FP-C, NRP
The Ditch Doc EM Podcast delivers emergency medic…
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Ultrasound Podcast

By Emergency Ultrasound Podcast
Making horrible doctors decent and good doctors GREAT at Ultrasound
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Disaster Dads

By The Disaster Dads
Every few weeks, the Disaster Dads will gather to discuss the emergencies and disasters of the moment. They will provide tips and tricks for handling disasters at home and how the skills of emergency management translate well to the management of a toddler. The Dads will bring their years of training as emergency responders into your car, living room, or office and through entertaining stories they will help you prepare for whatever your next disaster may be.
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FR1 and EMS1 Podcasts

By FR1 and EMS1 Podcasts
Podcast by FR1 and EMS1 Podcasts
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