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The Growing World of Classical Music Podcasts

2 months ago · "Here’s a brief overview of the shows that I have discovered in the classical music space. Some of them cater to a specific instrument, while others are geared toward a broader audience. While most of them focus on classical music, some of them cater to jazz or folk music aficionados. Many of them focus on music entrepreneurship, which is a current “hot topic” in music schools."
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A Musical Life with Hugh Sung

By Hugh Sung
Pianist Hugh Sung shares stories, songs, and interviews with musicians from a wide variety of genres, including Classical, Folk, Rock, Jazz, and beyond. Visit for all episodes and show notes. New episodes coming every Monday.
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A Noise From The Deep: Greenleaf Music Podcast with Dave Douglas

By Dave Douglas
*Trumpeter Dave Douglas leads conversations with significant jazz artists on music, composition, improvisation, and events. Presented by Douglas’ record label Greenleaf Music
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ANFTD #52: Rory Stuart

17 hours ago

Backstage at The Enharmonic with Sean J. Kennedy

By Sean J. Kennedy
Through my decades in the music business as a performer, composer, arranger, and/or educator I’ve accumulated a vast Rolodex of the world’s leading musical innovators. From this pool of contacts, I came up with the idea of creating this podcast, Backstage at The Enharmonic, to get a candid look at what music may have inspired my guests in their formative years and who are some of the current artist that they are listening to, especially outside of their genre. The goal of this project is to...
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Jerry Weldon

18 days ago

Between the Liner Notes

By Goat Rodeo
Between the Liner Notes is an award winning documentary-style podcast about music, why it is the way it is and how it got to be that way. Each episode highlights a piece of lost, forgotten or obscured music history. This show is hosted by Matthew Billy and produced by the Goat Rodeo podcast network.
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11 months ago · transcript

The Brass Junkies Podcast - Pedal Note Media

By Pedal Note Media
The Brass Junkies, hosted by former Boston Brass members Andrew Hitz and Lance LaDuke, features interviews with the best and brightest brass players in the world. Subject matter includes everything from the serious to the ridiculous, just like the music business.
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Clarineat: The Clarinet Podcast

By Sean Perrin
Join host Sean Perrin as he discusses “all that’s new and neat with clarinet, with the neatest people in the industry” on the world’s most popular clarinet podcast. Past guests include distinguished artists such as Martin Fröst, Michael Lowenstern, and Lori Freedman, and product manufacturers such as Legere Reeds, Backun Musical Services, and Royal Musical Instruments. Check out the website at and be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter for a chance to win giveaways.
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Contrabass Conversations - double bass life on the low end of the spectrum

By Jason Heath
Contrabass Conversations features interviews and performances from top leaders in the world of the bass. Podcast host Jason Heath dives deep into what makes these world-class artists tick. With 1.6 million downloads and counting, Contrabass Conversations is the most popular podcast for double bassists. Join the community and experience life on the low end of the spectrum!
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Creative Strings Podcast with Violinist Christian Howes: Exploring intersections between creativity, music education, string playing, DIY music business, and culture. Creative Strings is a non-profit organization with a mission to support music education through outreach, summer conference, and online" curriculum

By Christian Howes
Creative Strings is for musicians and music-lovers, especially violin, viola, and cello players, looking to live creatively, whether in your musical education, projects, music career, in the practice room, classroom, onstage, or on tour. Each interview is edited carefully and mixed with a blend of musical clips from the Creative Strings community curated by jazz violinist Christian Howes. . Creative Strings is a non-profit organization with a mission to support music education through outreac...
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Crushing Classical

By Tracy Friedlander
Crushing Classical podcast is an ongoing series of provocative interviews with musicians who are pioneering a new path in the classical music genre. I dig into musician's lives who have made an often risky move towards forging a unique path and creating a different kind of music career for themselves. This is particularly challenging in a field where the conventional approach is seeking employment in an orchestra. Join me and learn how others are redefining a thriving classical music career.
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Divergent Paths with Dan Dunford

By Dan Dunford
Dan Dunford is a NYC-based freelance trombonist who is fascinated by the new directions people are taking to find work and legitimacy in the music world of today. Every week he talks to people creating their own path as well as some amazing music.
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The Entrepreneurial Musician with Andrew Hitz

By Andrew Hitz
The Entrepreneurial Musician, hosted by former Boston Brass member Andrew Hitz, features interviews with the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the music business today.
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The Great Composers Podcast

By Kevin Nordstrom
The Great Composers Podcast will explore the history and lives of some of western 'Classical' music's most famous composers and musicians. Classical music is filled with some very colorful personalities and riddled with drama of all kinds ranging from political intrigue to failed romances and everything in between. Through the course of the show, we will discuss composers and musicians from the distant past all the way to the present, beginning with the greatest, JS Bach. Be sure to subscri...
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Groove: the podcast

By No Treble
Groove – The No Treble Podcast features interviews with bassists each month, discussing all things music, creativity and (of course) bass. Hosted by Mitch Joel.
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iCadenza's Creative Careers Podcast

By iCadenza
iCadenza's Creative Careers Podcast explores what it means to be a creative professional in music, the arts, business, and more. This podcast features interviews with a wide range of musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs. We are a proud member of the Pedal Note Media network.
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Marketing Music Education with Kathleen Heuer

By Kathleen Heuer
This podcast helps music educators, parents and boosters work smarter—not harder—to take their music programs to the next level. If you’re looking to increase participation in and awareness of your music program so you can reach more students and improve their music education experience, you're in the right place!
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Music Publishing Podcast

By Dennis Tobenski
Information, inspiration, and conversations on composing, self-publishing, marketing your work, and making a living with your music, with host Dennis Tobenski.
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Per Service Podcast

Real Conversations with Musicians in the Performing Arts.
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The Portfolio Composer

By Garrett Hope presents The Portfolio Composer
A weekly interview-based podcast to help composers with the business end of writing music through mindset, marketing, and business skills.
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The Scott's Bass Lessons Podcast

By Scott's Bass Lessons
If you’re a bassist — you’re in the right place. World renowned bassist and educator Scott Devine in conversation with some of the best and most well respected bass players around the world.
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Creative Piano Teaching Podcast

By Tim Topham: Piano Teacher | Music Educator | Blogger
Supporting Creative Music Teaching
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What's Happening - Timepoint Ensemble

By Timepoint Ensemble
Timepoint Ensemble talks music, culture, and whatever else happens to come up
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Trumpet Dynamics 2.0

By James Newcomb
The Story of the Trumpet In the Words of Those Who Play It
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