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5 Great Podcasts for School Counselors

4 months ago · "School counselors are educators as well as being counselors. They deal with academic as well as ethical issues when it comes to their students. It’s a tough, yet fulfilling career where you never stop learning. It’s important to stay current and have a place to learn, which is why podcasts are a great way to stay in touch with current issues facing counselors."
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By American School Counselor Association
School counseling issues, trends and interviews
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A Series of Podcasts With Tips & Tricks for School Counselors

By Dr. Poppy Moon
Join Dr. Poppy Moon, professor of school counseling at the University of West Alabama, as she boldly goes where no counselor has gone before! Listen in to learn tips, techniques, and insight into the world of school counseling!
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The Teachers' Lounge: A Youth Frontiers Podcast

By Youth Frontiers
The Youth Frontiers' Podcast, The Teachers' Lounge, brings us into a conversation about how we can create school communities where our kids can thrive - not just academically, but socially and emotionally as well. Host Sally Koering sits down with educators, artists, actors, researchers–to have casual conversations that help energize and sustain teachers in their work to create positive school communities. As they say: However the teachers' lounge goes, so goes the school community. So, come ...
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The Teachers Lounge

Most new teachers don't make it past the five year mark, and its easy to understand why. Teachers are stressed from budget cuts, testings, discipline problems, parents, poor adminstrators, etc. This show is designed to encourage teachers and to provide useful tools to help them succeed.
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Series Finale

a year ago · transcript